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Discussion in 'Nicky Wilson Racing' started by Nicky Wilson, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. So the aquathlon in Brighton went quite well. The sea swim was shortened because of the conditions and I have to say it was really quite a scary experience! It was so choppy I literally couldn't see where I going and for the first 100m there was people crashing into me, swimming over me and kicking me.

    In the end I finished 9th overall thanks to a strong run! - Well say 9th overall by their timing system said I didn't finish the swim so technically I'm still in the ocean somewhere with the lifeguards searching for me!

    Next up the the great swim - Victoria Docks, London this Saturday.
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  2. Well the bike racing has been difficult this year but my triathlon season finished with an awesome 10th overall in the Granite Man!

    guernsey 1.jpg
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  3. Hey Nicky
    Great result at the Graniteman
    Are your racing triathlon this year again ?