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  1. I would have been affected if I was home but I'm many miles away working. I think the wife and kids got swept away this morning. Could have been me! Phew!:splat::splat::eek:
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  2. That is sooooooooo wrong minger.
  3. Nightmare for all involved. Floods are horrible and leave a bitter aftertaste and foul smell for months afterwards.
  4. ffs....

    My garage got flooded apparently. Seriously- my fucking garage. Can you imagine the stress I endured this morning whilst the Mrs was opening it? Eh? Eh? All my toys are in there. But you'll all be relieved to know only the tyres on my car and Ducati's got wet. Double phew!!
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  5. She didn’t tell you that the tyres are wet though cos the bikes are all laid on their sides floating and banging on the garage roof
  6. Ha ha, i have a massive pit in my garage and i have lowered two of my beauties down there out of the way.
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  7. Does water not get in the pits then?
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  8. No. But on a positive note two blokes in a transit van from Rotherham won a white water rafting competition.
  9. Well its been dry up till now .................. fvck gotta go .
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  10. This flooding business really annoys me.....

    The local highways authorities don't clear the gullies, road channels, grips; the farmers sometimes clear their ditches (then cut their hedges letting all the cuttings fall in the ditches); the environment agency doesn't get the rivers cleaned and dredged; the planners don't enforce the upgrading of relevant drains and sewers which are expected to serve new developments on top of existing developments; the national highways authority does sod all maintenance regarding surface water disposal.

    My old man worked for various Rivers Authorities until he retired in 1982.....he arranged the annual checking and clearing of waterways and rivers in the counties he worked in; they were still being proactive when he retired.

    The only areas I recall flooding in those days, where they were recognisable flood plains. Any housing estates that were low lying rarely flooded because developers had to construct bunds and embankments to protect them.
  11. In one :upyeah: In my late teens, I worked in the sewage treatment department of my local council. In my travels around the pumping stations, I would routinely see gullies being cleaned, roads being swept and drainage channels maintained. Hedges were not cut by a person driving a JCB with an attachment that just ripped the branch to pieces. Andy
  12. Its in my village its rate bad ppl being evacuated from there homes due to it ...it happend in 2007 and while the ppl was unable to get to there homes ppl was breaking in a stealing all their stuff with the village like a ghost town no one was about to do anything then ppl came home once all the flooding ad gone to missing t.vs ect ect talk about kicking ppl when they are down but its donny it will never change
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  13. Scum
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