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Flywheel Nut - Which Loctite Threadlocker

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Denzil the Ducati, May 16, 2019.

  1. I have a new nut (£12) and a new "the most expensive Belleville washer in the world" at £26. The flywheel took 2 minutes to remove with a £5.60 32mm impact socket from Halfords the trusty Clarke rattle gun and the Laser flywheel locking tool.

    To assemble the 748 factory book says 270Nm on lubed threads, the nut was threadlocked on.
    I will threadlock it back on but which Loctite to use, 262, 268, 270, 272, 277 or 278, also seen suggestions to use 638 but that is for gluing driveshafts and journals.

    My default is Loctite 270, is there a better compound?
  2. I use 270. Not sure if it is heat/oil tolerant tho. But not had issues. @nelly could advise.
    638 I use for large clearances when fitting bearings or sleeves (we call it fuk-up juice)
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  3. FE, 270 working range is stated as -55c to 180c so it should be ok on the heat, the factory recommendation was for engine oil and the specified torque but I don't know if there were any service bulletins.
  4. :cold_sweat:
  5. Craig did ask me "Are you sitting down? Part number is 79910512A, it's quite expensive but the guys in the workshop usually get one with the nut".
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  6. The factory manuals suggest Loctite 128455, but I generally use 270. There's only so many thread locks you can keep :p
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  7. Thanks all, looks like it has 270 on the threads and the last person to torque that nut up was Rich or Christian at LM, they prob used 270 also
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  8. If you really don't want it to come undone.......Loctite 638
  9. Didn't think of that.. just looking for a cheaper alternative to £26...:eek:
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