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Focus Mk3 Rs

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Justatad, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Well I did it, I bought a Mk3 Focus Rs & I love it !!...to be totally honest, if I’d have had to keep it stock power wise, I’d have sold it within 2 weeks of ownership, very bland power wise in stock form
    I worked in the garage trade for 18 years, and I got to drive some nice cars in that time, I’ve never driven anything that sticks to the road like this does !! I did try to get my head around the diff torque vectoring etc, but it fried my brain !
    Few upgrades so far, Dream science imap, scorpion cat back exhaust, Moubtune recirculation valve & Rally armour mudflaps
    Intercooler prob next on the upgrades list



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  2. Has it had the head gasket done yet?
  3. The same time as the first service was done bud
  4. I was brought up on fast Fords, Cosworths, Capri 2.8i’s, RS 2000’s but haven’t had one for years

    They still tug at my heart step strings like nothing else.

    A lottery win would see an RS500 in my possession before anything else
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  5. A friend has one the same age with 10k on it and he is holding off having it done. Not so keen on the YTS trainee being let loose on it ;);).
    I can't believe hie fast these things are on a country road, and the grip in the wet is beyond belief.
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