Icon Foot Pegs And Rear Brake

Discussion in 'Scrambler' started by donkeydoo, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Picked up and rode the wifes Scrambler back today in the wet, my first ride on it.

    Has anyone had issues with the standard footpegs, my boot slipped off the brake side one twice they are not serated nor do they have rubber also I found that I had to twist my foot a little to get to the rear brake pedal. It could just be me though.

    May look for some other pegs if some of you have changed can you let me know what you fitted?

    Cheers Mark
  2. Never found them a problem. Some folk prefer to fit the footrests from a Multi - they fit straight on and have rubber inserts.
  3. I had the multi ones and bent the brake pedal lever out about an inch also
  4. Cheers guys I will keep them peeled and have a look at pedal...
  5. I never had a problem on my Classic, and haven’t had a problem on my 1100 Sport yet either. And I’ve ridden both in horrible weather.