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For Forks Sake

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by KA77, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. The pair of forks in your first link are IMO, in poor cosmetic condition and the seller in your second link is a known for his exaggerated claims and descriptions of the extremely rare items he tries to sell. I’m not familiar enough with the Panigale family to know if the free lengths and compression travel distance are interchangeable. Hopefully someone does. Andy
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  2. Ditto for compatibility specs but lower link are probably M1200R
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  3. I did have a look at those forks a few weeks ago. You might be able to fit them but as Andy says, could be different internally as well. I went with a new set of FGRT 214s in the end. £600 more expensive than those but miles better quality as they come with the nix 30 cartridges instead of the std internals.
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  4. I agree wholeheartedly with your condition assessment, but as they are going on the track bike I was willing to overlook the fact at this stage. I am little dubious about the forks that are currently on my bike (I had to rattle gun the fork cap off!) Hence looking for a relatively cheap short term fix while I decide if I keep the 1199 or go for a V4 later in the year.
  5. After a little bit of digging, 1199 has 50mm diameter outer tubes, the 1199S has 43mm diameter. It is the same sizing for the 1299 and 1299S. The Showa BPF on the V4 is 43mm. The black forks advert doesn’t identify the bike but could be Diavel. All Panigales have 120mm of compression travel. Andy
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  6. That's not a bad shout for that money. Do you know of anyone who currently has stock at that price? MCT suggested to me that Ohlins stock is bad, and forecasted to get much worse in the coming months
  7. Kais suspension. About 2 months ago when I first enquired, they reckoned about a week for the black version and 6 weeks for the gold. Spent a month or so looking at options and finally ordered off them late December. They then said about 6 weeks delivery time for the black so must be getting worse. Not sure if anybody has stock in uk…
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  8. Thanks Andy, that's really helpful. Looks like a cartridge kit in the existing forks or as @bettes suggested, bite the bullet and 'fork out' for a made for set.

    MCT were very helpful on the phone today, although they have left me feeling like I should light the Marzocchi forks on fire and never look back!
  9. Thank you, I will give them a call.
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  10. Marzocchis tend to do that in the trade :joy: Andy
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  11. Gave Kais a buzz, one set currently available, shipping end of Feb. I'm going to pull my forks apart this weekend and have a nose at the general condition internally to see if that throws up any further signs of previous abuse. As you have probably already calculated, by the time I strip the forks off, send them to whoever, buy cartridges springs and labour, your not far off paying for a set of factory made forks with all the good stuff inside ready to go!
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  12. Mate, they said 1 set available, in black or gold?
  13. That was for the black version
  14. Thanks but realised, yours will be a different fitment to mine. :upyeah:
  15. Just for the record: – the black forks are Triumph RS.
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  16. Thank you for confirming. The vendors response was not as specific.
  17. And there off… I wonder how expensive I can make what could be a simple Andreani revalve! A4B349A8-A5B1-4568-BB36-1F979090D989.jpeg
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