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For Sale & Wanted

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by AndyW, May 18, 2012.

  1. Please use the appropriate sections in the Ducati Forum section of the forum for your full and detailed Ads and just add the item title and a link to your Ad here ;-)
    ***Multistrada related only***
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  2. Great stuff....thanks Andy.... I'll be putting up the OEM Riders and Pillion Seats for sale soon. :upyeah:
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  3. And can we make a distinction between advertising something for sale on here...............and just a link to your ad elswhere.....
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  4. Hope I'm not being stupid here, why would that matter?........maybe I'm not understanding your point.
  5. because an advert on here suggests you are selling items for the benefit of your fellow ducatisti on here.............a link to ebay suggests you dont give a toss about offering a deal to your fellow ducatisti .....just looking to maximise exposure within a captive audience but with no benefit offered to them..
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  6. Thanks for explaining, I understand where you're coming from now and appreciate your point of view.......sounds like you've taken exception to my own parts for sale post linking to my eBay account?
    You're assumptions regarding that type of for sale ad, in my case at least (and I'm sure in 99% of any other cases) couldn't be more wrong - maximising exposure for sure (what's wrong with that?) but personally I very much care about any buyer getting a good deal from me, good service and an item that they're totally happy with. I'm sure the same would apply to any long term forum member selling here.
  7. Yes, I don't know.... I'm kind of with AndyW on this one... I know what you mean AndyB, but I've posted stuff on here and it hasn't sold, so I've then also put it on eBay. I'd rather sell it here...fleabay doesn't get a cut then...and I always do my best to give a good deal and put a fair price on things. You know, what was it new, what is the condition, etc....often I sell things at half price or less, yet they are in really good nick....I'd rather it went to a good home than make loads of money out of it.

    One other thing to think of though, is that if you are relatively 'new', and people don't really know you, they may be put off buying stuff from you...caveat emptor and all that ....however, if you have a 'reputation' on eBay, good of course, then perhaps that helps ease any fears that the person is a crafty so and so and is out to scam you..just a thought.
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  8. DP tinted screen for sale

    I've put this screen on ebay

    Ducati Multistrada 1200 DP tinted screen | eBay

    it has had the top corners trimmed, which I think looks a lot better

    I'm hoping to get around £60 + pp if anyone's interested

    In excellent condition
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  9. I have a CalSci Shorty Dark Tint, it's brand new never been fitted complete with all fittings etc, £60 delivered within the UK, PM me if interested
  10. Anyone interested in a modified center stand, ie shortened to accomodate left foot. it has been cut down and welded by a proffessional welder and painted with plasticoat black paint x 4 coats plus correct undercoat and primer by me. Without bolts etc. looking for £80.00 plus p&p whatever that may be.
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  11. Hi Budha

    Just what I was looking for. Can you pm me your details or email me [email protected]. I'm off to the TT tomorrow so if you can contact me today it would be appreciated.
  12. Stand now sold nice one Gerby, thanks

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