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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bradders, May 8, 2022.

  1. Yesterday, this happened…..

    I can now die happy knowing I’ve had a hole in one! And the shot was exactly the shape I planned…and we could see it all the way in, two soft bounces and that Ping noise hitting the pole. Then it disappeared….:party::party::party::beer::beer::beer:

    And yes it cost a few quid over the bar ;)
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  2. Congratulations !

    I’m not yet a player of the golf but I can fully understand your reason to celebrate.
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  3. Congratulations………on your lovely tank top :p
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  4. Congratulations, Paul! :)

    There are a lot of nice golf courses in Chiclana ;)
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  5. Lovely work mate
  6. Covers the team tops that, someone thought a good idea to buy Italian cut figure hugging performance tops for the Middle Ages and older men….
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  7. Well done Paul :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:

    Why the one glove, is the right hand not as cold as the left hand ?
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  8. Nice! 35 years I’ve been waiting and only ever holed a seven iron for an eagle 2.
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  9. That's so as to leave no evidence fingerprints as he drops it in the hole...:D
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  10. Always been shit at golf so gave up, good for the waistline though as I had to walk twice as far as my mates :laughing:

    Tried clay pigeon shooting instead, turns out I’m far better at that
    #10 Ackers, May 8, 2022
    Last edited: May 9, 2022
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  11. Congratulations. I am in awe of your greatness :upyeah::)
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  12. Welldone!

    So when do you start on the difficult holes with obstacles?

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  13. 40 years I’ve been playing, been close a few times & very close once (2” short on a 205yd). Close but no cigar. Well done Paul
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  14. Natural ability I guess?:p well done Paul.
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  15. What an opportunity for photobombing if your name tag's Steve Mcqueen, well done you sir that 500 mile walk has paid off.:upyeah:
  16. Golf courses waste of good building land.
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  17. Did that last year funny enough. 150 yds out bounce and plop! Luckily with playing partners to witness.
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  18. My old neighbour was a caddie, pretty sure he got given a Rolex & his pro a car when this happen in some middles east sandbit competition.
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  19. Well done. :)

    But it looks like it cost a few quid at the buffet too...
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  20. Why?
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