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French Motogp #spoiler#

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by Wassy, May 15, 2021.

  1. It’s going to be a wet one.

    44 crashes across the three classes yesterday :astonished:
  2. Acosta miles ahead in moto 3, talk of him jumping straight into GP with KTM next year

    good to see 93 still languishing mid pack (imo)
  3. That Acosta is something else.....truly hoping he’s on the KaaToooM in the Blue ribbon class next season. I’m finding the M3/2 more interesting than M1.
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  4. yeh moto 3 has been the best/most interesting/exciting class for the last 2 or 3 years for me
  5. Hmm FQ has injured his knee swapping bikes......
  6. I've just seen the last ten odd minutes with interesting reading with tyre choice from the riders.
  7. Fantastic qualifying session should be a great race tomorrow
  8. In the wet. Andy
  9. Frankie not FourCheeses.
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  10. The kid is sixteen years old. Sure he's brilliant and doing things not done before. But you need a man's body to deal with the G forces generated by 300 bhp MotoGP machines.
  11. Lets not write him off just yet eh?
  12. Who's writing him off? He is very, very special.
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  13. Conditions at Le Mans are atrocious for M3 warm up. Andy
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  14. On race weekends like this it's all about damage limitations, just don't be stupid and bin it with a DNF & no points for the championship.Let's hope our British riders have switched their brains on today.
  15. They said it was the Moto3 race, felt more like watching skittles
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  16. The tricky laps those early ones when full wet and cold, as track temperature rose, so riders stayed on. One of the more stable / mature Moto3 races in recent times. Big congrats to the three podium boys who controlled their positions so well.
  17. Great ride by Acosta. 21st to 6th, falls off and keep hold of bike and back to 21st and fought to a good point scoring 8th.

    Rossi podium interview….class ;)
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  18. Standard from #22
    Like clockwork
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  19. Was great wasn't it. Need more of this type of content from BT not apologies!
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  20. 18yr old Italian speaking great English and using swear words in context. Brilliant
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