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1200 DVT Front Brake Reservoir Leaking From Cap

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by RichW, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. I know some people have had these replaced by Ducati, do they replace just the cap and seal or is the whole lot inc. reservoir replaced??

  2. top seal and cap. common problem
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  3. https://www.ducatiforum.co.uk/threads/front-brake-fluid-reservoir-leak.38054/

    makes you wonder how they could get something so simple so wrong when an extremely similar earlier design has sufficed for over 25 years without problems.
    Maybe i've missed something but provided diagphragm/void filler seal and cap internals ok, vent route clear, I would try running reservoir level closer to "MIN" line and also check for overtightened/distorted cap first as Neil has said. If earlier aluminium cap interchangeable then might be an option but appreciate that owner shouldn't have to resort to this or foot the bill.
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  4. Happens with metal caps too. For me a clean up of any excess fluid in,on around the diaphragm seemed to help.
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  5. never, ever had a problem with aluminium cap version on over 20 vehicles, maybe the problem is with the reservoir body then or perhaps yours was overfilled or breather blocked?

    IRMC El Toro
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  6. I fitted an aftermarket alloy cap as i previously read about the oem plastic caps flexing but that is also now leaking. So i was planning on buying a new oem cap and seal as presumeably they have modified it?

    Thinking about it now i might just take the cap and seal off, give them and the resovoir a really good clean and run a fine smear of silicone sealer around the reservoirs lip and re-assemble it all.
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  7. I cleaned and refitted the seal and cap so many times that I lost the account now. The spilled fluid (because when you are on the road, there is no much you can do when starts leaking, just swearing) already caused some paint damage on the right switch. Last time was in March this year, it seems ok for the past 3 months. Big secret is not only cleaning very well but not tightening the cap screws at all. They just make the cap seat on the seal. Tight them up and will leak. Looking for aftermarket one.
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  8. Add a sweat band around the top, stop any risk on your paintwork :upyeah:
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  9. My old one did this and i reseated the cap and screwed it down lightly which seemed to solve it.... just noticed that the new one does it a little too so will also reseat that one and see how it goes

    Another one of the "Oh, they all do that sir" ;)
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  10. The plastic cap can easily distort if over tightened. Clean the cap and rubber as dry as posssible. Twist the screwdriver with the shaft and not the handle. Just a little snug
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  11. Wait until the sidestand gives out and the cooling system reservoir cracks on it's mounts and see if you can get a bulk buy discount?
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  12. Noticed this on my last trip to Aberystwyth, a light leak/spray from the cap all over the right hand tank panel etc. Wiped away with a damp glove and no apparent damage, but I liked the wristband idea above. Bike looks ready for a 1980's step class now!
  13. Go branded for about £15 (!) or up to sports direct and get a pair for a few quid ;)
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  14. I had a 'Virgin Active' one lying around in a drawer - not sure why, as I've never set foot in one? :D
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  15. Perfect. Not only saves a horrible leak, also demonstrates your approach to life ;) lol
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  16. They replaced the whole resevoir under warranty, it is a known issue
  17. never heard of the Brembo reservoir leaking .It's a simple design that works, perhaps the newer models have a cheaper version?
  18. My twinspark did it too a little.
  19. Yep, mine leaks, my mechanic said it is common on newer bikes. Must be an accountants descision to save money. Ducati will not come to the party on this, or the cracked reservoir bottle as here in NZ where there is no Ducati representation, they just tell you to get over it, basically. Everything in the Ducati agents comes from Fraser Ducati in Oz.
    My mechanic also told me about the wristband. But he did say to get a red one, which was money well spent.
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