Front Forks (ohlins/internals Etc) For Base Model Ducati 1199 Wanted

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by batman_oh, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    I have the dreaded Marzocchi fork rebound failure on my 1199 - it went a while ago and I've decided to hold on to the bike as it's creeping up in mileage (over 13000 miles now) and I can't be bothered selling at this stage for what I'd get!

    Has anybody any form of Ohlins fork/Nix cartridge kit/alternative set up that they might want to get rid of? Just before I got an purchase a new set of Nix30mm cartridges!

  2. Have you checked out the cost of getting new fork legs? They've come down a bit to about £370 a leg, that's complete! Just done a customers bike and a pair of forks was cheaper than a cartridge kit. I know there's a chance they'll go again, but new parts carry a 2 year warranty ;)
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  3. So....if someone had, say, a base 1199 abs, for about £800 they could be converted to ohlins?
  4. Just checked alright and the local dealer said they’d need to fit them for a warranty to apply so maybe 750 for forks and another 150? Getting close to internals at that I’d be worried they go just after 2 years as well!
  5. Careful what route you go down with suspension upgrades as I spent nearly £2500 on ktech shock, fork inserts and springs plus fitting and I hate it.
    Cannot get it right. It’s track focused and it beats the crap out of me on the roads.
    I should not have been blinded by the shiny bits I know but too late now as I’m stuck with it.
    Makes matters worse is that they kept my old units so I don’t even have the option to swap back ha ha
  6. Have you set sag on the soft side? 40mm front/30mm rear with rider
  7. Yeah thanks nelly, ktech have had a go, a few others have had a go and ktech did remind me that it does say not for road use lol.
    It is what it is, I’m gonna sell the bike soon anyway so it would suit a track addict and not Britain’s corrugated roads.
    I’ve ridden motocross tracks in Belgium that are smoother than Oxfordshire’s roads
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  8. Should get them swapped in a hour tbh. From what I've seen, little use seems to be the curse of them. If you use it, then you should be ok. If it's a sunny days only bike, then probably a cartridge kit is the way to go for you. Ohlins will be most expensive along with K-Tech. Check out the Mupo and Matris kits also for a comparison
  9. I’ve had R&T ohlins and ktech 25mm cartridge kit and both worked well on the road tbh, but o set the preload up a bit softer then backed off the other settings. I didn’t have springs for my weight.
  10. Trouble is I’ve lost 2.5 stone through illness in the last few weeks so chasing a set up is very hard as now I’m like a flea on the back of a bucking bronco lol
    I’m just gonna sell it I think.
  11. At that will do it!!
  12. Yeah before all that started tho I still hated it lol which is why I’m testing a hyper this Saturday
  13. What bike is it?
  14. The new one, think it’s 950? Hypermotard sp.
  15. The old one you’re selling :punch:
  16. Sorry ha ha been a long day. 1199 pigale
  17. I thought at 13500 miles I was using it a bit to be honest! Trackdays added in and quick runs on bumpy roads. Any more use and it would be fit for scrap based on the average mileage these things do :p
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