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1200 Front Preload Adjustment On 2013 Skyhook

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by MetalMickey, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Hi All,
    I have been reading a lot of threads about adjusting the preload on Multis. I am still not 100% on whether the front preload adjustment on the Skyhook Sachs suspension is electronic or manual.
    I have played around a bit with the electronic adjustment but it only seems to change the rear, or maybe I'm wrong.
    I'd really appreciate any help on this.
  2. Hi, it's manual. 22mm iirc spanner or socket on the top. RHS fork I think??

    Search on here, someone posted a useful gauge, may have been a 1/4 turn for each 15kg (can't remember)
  3. Morning Bradders and thanks for the reply. Did you mean to post a link or for me to search on the forum?
  4. You can have a search. I did a quick one but nothing obvious. It may be clicks I can't remember. But if you can't find it, start by winding all the way out (anti clockwise) and count how many turns or clicks so you know what it is then wind back in with each 1/4 turn = 15kg of rider plus gear weight.

    Then you can compare what it was and what it is now and see how it rides.

    Apologies if you know all this :)
  5. Thanks again, I have a very basic idea of how the sag bit works it was just I didn't know how to make the adjustment. Sill no sure if it's both legs or jsut he RHS.
  6. Just one as I don't think there is the ability to do the other.
  7. Just checked mine, rhs leg and 19mm on my dvt skyhook:upyeah:
  8. Excellent. I really appreciate your help on this.:thumbsup:
  9. Yep one side is for the pre-load and the other has a wire for the elcetronic damping,
  10. MM

    As others have said its a 19mm job on the RH fork leg. There are two arrows marked, one on the nut and the other on the fork itself so you can tell where you are with adjustment. Out of the box my bike came with the arrows lined up and with three quarters of a turn in from fully out. I wound it all the way out and then back in. If I recall there are 6 and three quarter or 7 and three quarter turns from fully out to fully in.

    As it came my front end was way too soft and dived like hell under braking. I'm 15.5 stone. I have added two full turns from std of preload on the fork leg. Major improvement in reducing dive and general front end behaviour. I have also, for solo riding, reduced the damping on the front to medium soft on the skyhook. For two up I have changed the setting to medium. Seems to work fine and dandy..
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  11. Thanks everyone for the help.
    It was only 3/4 out and it dived really badly under breaking. I didn't do any of the standard sag measurements and just turned it to 3.75 out and changed the front settings back to medium. It's a lot better now, next weekend I'll play around a bit more with it.
    The bike is getting there now, I've added an Arrow de-cat and end can and KN filter. I have had it remapped by Gary at Mototuning (highly recommended). It makes 130bhp at the rear wheel now.
  12. I really must get around to doing this too, i just bumped up the electronics on the front to medium/hard rather than sorting the manual adjustment which will no doubt work better

    I came from a sports 600 set up very firm and a GS1150 that had bugger all fork dive due to telelever front end so i have probably gone too stiff (so to speak) on the front end
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