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Fs: 2003 Panerai Luminor Marina Pam00118 & 1951 Rolex Oyster 6082

Discussion in 'Non bike stuff for sale' started by Fire3500, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Owing to an upgrade I have a couple of watches for sale:

    Panerai Luminor Marina manufactured 2003 (1 of 300) PAM00118

    • Titanium Luminor Marina with sub-second hand
    • Includes all papers and packaging (including wooden box, cardboard outer and labelled cardboard shipping box
    • Condition is very good but has been worn, not abused or damaged but showing light patina commensurate with respectful wear and general joi de vivre
    • Comes with original aligator strap with titanium Panerai buckle and a weathered raw leather Dirk strap with steel pre-Vendome buckle.
    • Bought from Blowers in Hull in 2010. Serviced in 2012 and 2015 and main spring replaced in 2015 (all work undertaken by William Rice)


    Competitively priced at £3699

    Rolex Oyster 36mm 6082 manufactured 1951

    • Rolex Vintage Oyster 6082. 36mm Steel case encompassing a hand-wound mechanical movement. White dial with baton hour markers. None original brown leather strap with pin buckle. Watch only.
    • Serviced in 2019 before purchase by Blower's in Hull


    Competitively priced at £1800

    Happy to receive questions by PM and will put some pics up if wanted (PAM is a library pic, 6082 is the actual watch but I lifted the pic from the Blowers website - the pic from their site of the PAM would have been 2010 so is long gone. I'd need to take some).

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  2. Few pics here if anyone is interested.
  3. The Panerai is my favourite watch design but unfortunately i don't wear them.
  4. Panerai have sort of fallen in and out of favour over the years and have made some truly horrible pieces as well as some very nice models. I am a big fan of the Luminor, especially with the tobacco face and titanium case, ideally on a Dirk strap... they develop a lovely patina when worn.
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  5. image.jpg
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  6. Well and truly Hooked!!

    Pam 118 is a good price and sure advertised in the right place someone will snap it up... Good luck
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  7. 4th from the right I’m guessing?.... That’s 100% a keeper.... 4th from the left is up for sale. Also have a Girard Perregaux available..... I tell you it’s an illness! And a bloody expensive one at that....
  8. I guess if you've the disposable income and you like/want nice quality items in life then it doesn't matter does it.
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  9. Everything in one place for the sartorial gent lol

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  10. Love automatic time pieces, I wear all these (not all at once)

    CE4A6226-1598-408D-9AF6-F7A14B22D8AF.jpeg 1777F81B-8027-49C3-B9CE-0EB57D04D885.jpeg 72A51A80-D93E-430E-9C4F-375519B56DD5.jpeg CEC2555D-D902-45A6-B0E6-92FF4ADEE072.jpeg
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  11. This didn't take long to turn into a dick swinging contest.

    GLWTS Fire3500.
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  12. These are still half-heartedly for sale...
  13. Nah. I’d rather sell them to a human or keep them... that’s why they’re not on eBay. I really haven’t put any effort into moving them along.

    Seems like nothing is selling if it’s not on the drip these days, Everyone just buys on credit.

    Looks like I’ll keep these like I am keeping my Scrambler. No hardship, as they’re lovely.
  14. Fair enough each to their own but money is money at the end of the day....thought for the day.:upyeah:
  15. You don't have a green Rolex Submariner "Hulk" lying about that you want a grand for, do you? :innocent:
  16. Take anyone you like: they are all the same!
  17. I know where there’s a Kermit for GBP 15k if that helps? :)
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