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For Sale Fs - 996rs / 998rs & Performance Parts

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Desmophil, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Hi

    *** updated 19/05/2020 ***

    Updating the list and adding quite a few more parts that were so far on hold.

    Selling those as I am shifting my plans from full race rep RS bike to limited road specials.

    I am including links to the online albums below.
    prices+Shipping via ipost parcel in the UK that have been reliable so far.

    RS parts:
    996RS / 998RS Spare set of footrests x1 £ 150.00
    996RS / 998RS Water tank x2 £ 150.00 each
    998RS (and 999RS) ally replica hoses x2 £ 150.00 (each)
    Carbon breather box (996 RS - unknown brand) x1 £ 300.00
    996RS / 998RS Generator Racing 3 phases x3 £ 250.00 each
    996RS / 998RS RS Regulator 3 phases x1 £ 150.00
    998RS Dual pick up Gearing x1 £ 350.00
    996RS / 998RS fly wheel + starter gearing & spacer (allows to run starter motor on RS engine) x1 £ 400.00
    999RS 305 brake discs (5 bolts) - sets x1 £ 350.00
    916RS Radiator dual row (avg / repaired condition) x1 £350
    996RS airtubes / larger intakes / larger volume £300
    996RS / 998RS billet steering damper mount £160
    996RS / 998RS brake discs for widetrack wheels several sets £250-£400 depending condition
    Corse Gearbox £950
    Wide Track / Big Hub magnesium wheels in 17x3.5/5.75 - Difficult to find 17" wheels for wide track / RS as they were most in 16.5". They are now fully refurbished by TCPS, confirmed free of cracks and look mint in gunmetal grey £1,400
    Ktech Superbike race forks with radial brake mount KTR2 (with axle, muguard and clipons) - £2,650
    916/996 Techtronic Quickshifter including toe piece and reverse (or standard) shift pedal x1 £140
    Corse Gearbox - £950

    Soon coming additionally
    - 996 RS PRC large volume airbox (I think year 1999)
    - Spare front Airbox extension (year to be confirmed)
    - 996 RS tank for year 2000 with fuel spouts in the airbox - this can be offered bare or with most internals / fuel cap / quick release fitting kit / etc.

    For photos, please check:
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  2. Some very nice trick parts there! GLWS.
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  3. Most were collected over the best part of 2 decades for a project and spares about the project that I have decided to abandon and get some road bikes instead.
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  4. PM sent.
  5. Thats some very nice stuff!
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  6. Updated and bump
  7. Hi mate interested in these please

    Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 10.01.19.png
  8. updated 22nd April with parts gone / parts reserved / some pricing updates and a couple new additions
  9. Hi Did the clocks sell in the end
  10. Yes the rev counter went.
  11. I have updated the list and I am now also open to sell KTech superbike forks (with radial mounts), Brembo 4 pads CNC Race monoblocs and some 998 RS MB Motorsport Rad + oversize oil cooler that will also fit 1098 as kit upgrade.
    Please inquire if interested in those specific parts (they will be pricey).
  12. 996RS / 998RS Carbon seat pad RS / MS Prod - NOS x1 £ 400.00, maybe im interested for this, i have bought from you the air runners on ebay ^_^
  13. Ah good - the runners are on their way.
    Pad is still available
  14. Ah, Paolo C? All good mate?

  15. Yes im, all gooooooooood ^_^ i have an Akrapovic full titanium to sell too but i cant do it here for the moment :) im just waiting when i can do it :)

    btw you are Ian Fallon ?
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  16. i buy it 100% ,i only need to sell some parts before, this lockdown for me it's too expansive ahahha
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  17. Pay 5 pounds subscription and sell all you want.
  18. ahn, thanks i dont know that... 5 pounds every year?
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  19. Yes
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  20. Bump with many new parts that were previously on hold.
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