Fuel Pump T Shaped Guaze Filter!!

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  1. AS my FCR's are being serviced/fettled!! Thought i would strip the fuel system, change the filters etc to minimise any crap getting to the fresh carbs!!

    Does anyone know if the guaze filter which attaches directly to the fuel pump body is replaceable, either stock or not. Mine has a split where it attaches to the pump body!! I thought i had seen it mentioned on the forum before!!

    Also is there a trick to getting the pump body back into the 2 sprung clips, it has a rubber jacket and there doesn't seem to be enough space to get it seated properly, its impossible to get more than 1 hand in there at a time to adjust!!

    Pleased though that the tank looks very sound inside, needs new filters forthe filler/neck body seals.

  2. Try fuelpumpsonline - they normally have a large selection of gauze tank filters.
  3. Cheers chap :upyeah:
  4. They do come up on fleabay now and again, it is replaceable and they are about 20quid when Ive seen them. The linked one above may work, its just size of ring that may cause issue. There is no real knack ive found to putting the pump in other than clipping in the fartest clip a bit first then youcan lever it down. Its tough to push then both in at once
  5. Got one ordered from fuelpumpsonline for £5.45 all in, sorted...hopefully.
    Thanks for the advice all :upyeah:
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