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Funny Videos Thread V2

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by El Toro, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. Just in case you were looking for the original “Funny Video” thread unfortunately we’ve had the close it down as it had become too long, too unwieldy, too slow and had too many broken videos.

    So I present to you Funny Videos thread V2!!

    Crack on :)
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  2. some of these make your toes curl...

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  3. or you might prefer seeing how things can be done if you don't plan....

  4. He had a strong kick :thinkingface:
  5. More like sticky boots. He pulled the car towards himself o_O
  6. Health & Safety. What's that? :laughing:

  7. Only in America. :astonished: :yum

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  9. TBH looks less like road rage and more like the driver just had very poor car control. Driving in the US on the motorways always feels kind of like rolling the dice at the best of times.

    Bike didn't hang around to get numbers and give a statement I noticed.
  10. Clearly the biker started a sequence of events that may have cost someone their life. Not big and certainly not clever.
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  11. We don't know what had happened previously for the bloke on the bike to kick the car, and I don't think his action caused the car to go out of control, rather than the person in the car tried to kill him or her. But as you say it could have resulted in the loss of life.
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  12. I don't normally pay much attention to the lgbt, let alone their British awards ceremony. This year Bishop was awarded "Ally" of the year for his pro support of the lgbt largely because he has a gay son. As usual Bishop decided to accept the award but in his own way

  13. Jeez...

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  14. Harry’s beard

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