Fwr Pirelli Angel Gt 2 Offer

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by pilotpaul, Jul 1, 2019.

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  1. Just looked, £160 for a rear with a free front, have asked the question.
  2. Absolutely agree Paul. I've been very happy with the Angel GT's (on my 2nd set) and will have to look into an advance purchase of the GT2's with this deal.
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  3. Worth buying and keeping for later this, or early next, year at that price.
  4. Typical of the buggers to play this deal just after I bought a pair :skull: .. I did get £30 back from Pirelli though :upyeah:

    Fill yer boots gang !
  5. It’s a ride in, get fitted, ride out deal, just spoke to them.
  6. Oh well, was too good to be true I suppose. OK if you live around there maybe. Presume fitting is extra at that price.
  7. Thats a brilliant deal......almost too good to be true......is there a catch?
  8. It is but I don’t want some lazy arse removing my wheels so didn’t ask how much.
  9. Looks like another £32 ride in/ride out or free fitted to a loose wheel.

    I hear you on letting someone else remove your wheels. That's one of the reasons why I've bought my own tyre fitting and balancing kit.
  10. Its a ride in ride out deal (from Pirelli). I asked if he would post them to Glasgow. "No problem, as long as you don't shout about it " And that will be £195 . (not the £160). And they are "A" compound for heavy weight bikes . Not for a multi, but they do have the standard fitting. Whether you get that at £160 if you pitch up, you'd have to phone.
  11. Best alternative price I could find for the non A version was £242 for a 120/70 190/55 R17 pair. So if you can get the same from FWR for £195 delivered then that's still pretty good value.
  12. Ooh, what to do. I'm currently running Roadtec 01s on my 1200 Monster, which are about 2.5-3mm tread after 6k miles. I was going to go for these next, question is do I change early to get a discount or run the Metzelers for what I'd expect would be at least another 1k miles, if not nearer 2k.
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  13. I asked if he could do a deal for two sets posted, nothing from him as yet.
  14. So what bikes are 'A' type of weight? I presume my XR will be the same type as a multi?
  15. BMW 1600 GT, Honda Goldwing, BMW RT
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  16. Thought these were OK when I had them. No real complaints until I get quite low, towards the wear marker. That's when I had the random deflation that some people also had. We're not talking foreign object puncture either, more like tiny pores all over the surface. Weird.

    Anyway I got good life out of them and never had any drama, I now appear to love a Dunlop tyre.
  17. I’m running the standard rear on mine gents.

    FYI, FWR advised me to run the HW rear of the Roadtecs, which were faultless. Quite impressed with the Angels to date.

    Always had good service from FWR over the years.
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  18. I messaged the guy and asked what price for two sets, no response to the question after an initial conversation.
  19. Who were you speaking to at FWR Alan ?