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Galvanised Steel Bike Storage Shed

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by dukesox, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    I`m tempted to get a steel bike shed like this from Ebay.

    I have made some enquiries to cover a few basic questions so I can say the shed is vented to avoid condensation and that the hinges are riveted on so cant be easily undone from outside and then the doors lifted off. It is delivered fully assembled and there are no exterior bolts/screws to be undone.
    Can any of you see any basic security flaws that should put me off getting one or any other potential problems that I should bear in mind ? I would get good quality locks of course but I`m concerned I`m missing something simple security wise.
    I guess a truck with a grab could lift the whole thing or tipper with a winch could take it too but usually it will be blocked in by a vehicle at the front and hard to see let alone access from the other 3 sides as surrounded by trees .
    I live in a green belt area so permission for a brick garage would be hard to get.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. That horizontal bar is way to thin and can be pulled/bent outwards so no good in my book.
  3. Can it be bolted to the ground?
    You will probably still get condensation being steel so maybe think about forced ventilation/dehumidifier?
  4. Is it allowed by your insurance? Don’t some say things about brick built etc?
  5. Thread moved
  6. Good point, I will enquire about a more substantial bar. It does have 2 additional locks at the top and bottom though so not just a case of bending the bar.These locks arent shown on all the pictures.
  7. I will check, thanks for raising that.
  8. I`m not sure if it can be bolted down but possibly not essential as blocked in by trees on 3 sides and a car at the front so not a 2 minute in and out job for a potential thief. Plus security cameras are in place as additional deterrents and I am considering a sound bomb too.
  9. My Uncle once had an argument with an insurer over that. They eventually backed down on the point of the garage having to be brick built, when it was pointed out that the point of entry into a brick built garage is usually steel or timber.
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  10. Looks shite for £900+
  11. Get a second hand shipping container...
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  12. Could that be wired up to an HV power line whilst protecting a motorcycle inside and pets that may piss up it
  13. It’s sort of screams that there’s going to be something worth nicking in there
  14. Pretty poor and flimsy construction for 900 quid. Looks like the whole thing is a bit of a cheap lash up. Save your money and for a couple of hundred quid more try something like this. Find a local builder and get a quote to lay a concrete base, then bolt one of these bastards down on to it.

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  15. Unfortunately I dont have quite enough room width ways otherwise a shipping container would be my first choice.
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  16. Spoke to a container company a couple of months back as I am planning a similar thing in the future and they said that they could cut a container down to make a shorter length. It was surprisingly cheap, the guy reckoned a s/hand 40ft container cut down to 30ft would be around £2k delivered with crane offload to Herts. Trying to find the info on them as I seem to have mislaid his card, I'll let you know when/if I find it.
  17. Would standard 20' container not be suitable and cheaper still?
  18. The floor on the quad bike shed would be very slippery when wet!
  19. It's for a Ducati - would never get wet :D
    Coat with anti-slip paint or put some flooring down?
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