Garage Roller Door Recommendations?

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  1. As above, have looked at various websites and just after some opinions from anyone that has has had a roller door installed in their garage? opinions and recommendations?

    I'm looking at something electronic with perhaps additional safety locks at the bottom and also an insulated one to give me a complete seal and hopefully a little more comfortable conditions over winter as the garage is accessible from the house also.

    I'm based in Berkshire.
  2. Hormann sectional door. :upyeah:

    End of thread. :)

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  3. For security buy a steel one but they are not insulated

    If you buy Ali ones eBay is probably as good as anywhere to look

    Most don’t come with extra security but make sure hinge straps are plastic overcentre type last longer and provide resistance to door lifting than fabrics and steel versions

    I added thick 70 x 50 x 8 aluminium angle with coAch bolts on inside of lower bar to give it some strength against bending - they bend them to push them out of tracks for entry and this also meant I could fit internal hasp and staples and padlocks (rear door)

    I also fitted stainless steel strengthening plates to the Ali side guides to help retain them

    Last I recently added a remote cut off for the power to the door from phone so it adds extra security for code grabbing on remotes

    Make sure the bar has rollers on it so that as door rolls it protects the finish - mine does not and inside has no paint left in many spots especially at lift straps.

    I suggest inside fitment so you have max opening and nothing visible on outside
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  4. will look at them, are they competitive cost wise ?
  5. I think Rob has his own bank so probably not the one to ask;) based on his collection that we are all envious of...

    I assume it all depends on size

    the link Rob gave is a site that sells

    Also sectional take up more internal space than roller doors

    Again search web..
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  6. Haha, they don't 'look' cheap, but I also don't want to put junk in there, it's our house for at least the next 10 years so I don't want something that looks naff after a few years.
  7. 100% Agree with this, Weve had one installed at work and its the biz, I priced one up fully fitted, eletric opening with 2 remotes etc and its come in at £2300 ish, my size makes it a little more expensive due to the height i need, They could knock of around £400 if i could go down one size but means mucking around with lintels etc, Im going to have it fitted pretty soon but skint at the mo after just buying a car,
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  8. Do you search all your purchases using sexual innuendo's :thinkingface: or find them by chance :worried:
  9. Okay, I figured somewhere around that, up to £2800 ish was my thinking, it's a 200x 230cm ish I think door, and currently there is a big RSJ above the door frame and then rafters backwards, so should be decent space for mounting the mechanism.
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  10. Was that a double door size?

    As stated earlier in thread, Hormann, the best IMO too.

    I used to fit 4-5 a year a good while back for work as we could not trust the numbtys we employed with expensive products!. Not a fan of the standard roller doors, much prefer the insulated sectional types with tracks. Security wise, cant help with the differences between manufacturers as its been a while..
    If you go electric, make sure there is an over ride external lock mechanism IF the door is the only door to the garage, in case of failure due to power etc.
    I think they now come with a plug attached (plug and play) so all you need is a socket (instead of a fused spur). Manual versions are easy to use anyway.

    In truth, simple to fit. If measuring yourself just check for any obstructions that would stop the door opening 'up and back'. Make sure aperture is square, and allow on the size to fit square if required. Not rocket science. There will probably be a spec sheet available to help with this.
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  12. If your fitting 'behind' the reveal, then you should have plenty clearance, between and you need to check various places 'between' the reveal to identify any tight spots.
  13. From personal experience, I was very happy with the service I got from AR Door Systems in Thatcham. He supplied and installed an Aluroll garage door after stripping out and disposing of the old and defunct roller door I had. He wasn’t the cheapest locally but his workmanship was first class and he didn’t do a hard sell for a more complicated and expensive door so I will recommend him. Andy
  14. Na, Its 9ft wide but the heights around 10ft, Its an awkward size tbh, There honestly top quality doors, Was well impressed when we got the one at work
  15. Just found quote, Its a little old, Price may be a little out now, Not having luck finding photos of one at work
  16. Do 4 walls and a roof come with it too?!
  17. lol, Ide rather pay for the quality than something thats going to rot or blow away with the first gust of wind,
    Weather and where i live can be an issue,
    See the quote above, Take it its way over the top for these doors??
    Just checked and my price mentioned here is maybe £300 over the quote, Should have checked quote first, Sh1t memory lol
  18. I fitted the Hormann electric sectional door myself in a day. Great quality and not too bad to fit.
    I just searched online for the cheapest place and it was delivered in a couple of days.
  19. I seem to remember on my last doors that the framing at the sides have multiple holes of varying kind in the runners so at the bottom corners of the door itself we had spring loaded slider bolts that then went through the framing if we chose to use them for added security. I had considered box catches too.
  20. ..offered a company my eldest bro has used on another garage thread..