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Garmin Zumo 595

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Desperado, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. Any one have problems with there Zumo 595 loosing satellite reception when using a standard screen in the wet?
    I have my sat nav mounted on a Navihalter and this year I have had numerous times when it has lost the satellites even when there its lots of sky visible in the rain.
    During the summer months I didn't seem to have this problem and it dawned on me that I had a Puig sports screen fitted.
    I have tried another Zumo 595 and experienced the same problem!
    Is the standard screen somehow blocking the satellite reception?
  2. None at all with exactly same setup
  3. Nope, been using a 595 on my bike since they came out without issue like this.
  4. My 590 is working fine on mine though the battery is always saying it's flat when it doesn't get used for a while (yes, I do fully turn it off). When it does this it presumably thinks it's back in Taiwan and takes forever to get a signal. On tour it's not a problem as it charges up on day one and from then on is good.

    I have changed the battery at considerable expense and cleaned the battery contacts and that's make no difference. Engineered in obsolescence as part of a firmware update much like Apple?
  5. Its the lead that's faulty. That's why the problem exists with the other 595 you tried. Its a common fault. I had this with my 595 and contacted Garmin in the UK. Dirt gets in to the 2 small pins and the springs in these pins weakens. I bought a replacement on amazon (garmin told me it would be much cheaper than their price) paid about £24 and its now working fine, I had done about 15000 miles on the original leads
  6. My 595 is fine, maybe check that you have latest firmware.
  7. There may be something playing up with the Satelites. I had exactly the same problem twice on Sunday in a clear blue sky with no obstructions around. Came back after a while. It’s a sumo 590
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  9. I do have the issue with the battery, so I will investigate the pins tomorrow.
  10. Thats an interesting read, thanks for sharing.
    I thought the zumoforums had died a death, and all the useful info that was posted over the years gone with it. Great to find there is another source of info.

    I also have a battery issue, but a bit different. If I leave the battery in the evice with the device switched off, it will be flat when I next use it.
    If however I disconnect the battery when putting it away it will be fine when I reconnect it.
    Also the device won't charge from a usb cable, only from the bike or car mount.
    This isnt a charging cradle issue, but thought I'd mention it in case someone else has similar.
  11. Looked at my pins using a jewelers loupe & actually mine are fine. It just reverts to 40% brightness once off the cradle & will not go too 100% brightness (unless plugged-in). Which still is terrible compared to my old 660, the anti-glare lark is bullshit. If you wear a hi-vis it reflects in the screen & causes more dulling of the image.

    Hope the next edition does away with this fubar implemented feature'
  12. Definitely not the best of screens
  13. Check the settings, I have had this problem, I reset it then it worked perfectly.
    Mine works perfectly well in a metal box behind a thick piece of glass....
  14. Thanks Phil, have seen that and have previously tweaked the terminals on both of my batteries. Took it from constantly saying it was flat back to over 3 hours of life off the battery alone. Soon reverted back to it's old tricks though...

    You do hold the real power button on the back down until the red 'power off' screen button appears don't you? Letting the GPS shut itself down puts it into standby mode that still slowly sucks power out of the battery.
  15. I do indeed, I always do that. Even when on a trip at the end of each day.
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