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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Birdie, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Now then, who's flying there drone a bit too close?
    What can be done if a group decided to fly one close to every airport in the country. How do the authorities stop this.
  2. Deploy police firearms officers tooled up with Heckler and Koch sniper rifles like what the Mail on line says. Andy
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  3. An organised group could work from the back of a van moving around and send a fresh drone up every couple of hours and ground every airport in the country. It beggars belief .
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  4. Do you think it's time for a firearms licence type of thing now for these flying items/idiots:thinkingface:
  5. Anyone can buy one, that's the problem, my son uses one for work and has a full caa licence to fly it.
  6. At the moment a licence is required for a gun, but they are still being used illegally. It would only take 3 illegal drones to close Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted.
    I think that it is a government ploy to bring down the immigration figures.
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  7. They do not want you to own drones. Conspiracy
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  8. This is what can happen on impact:eek: SEI_44418495-2a58.jpg
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  9. Drones can fly pretty damn fast - take a really good marksmen with any rifle to bring one down unless it is hovering.

    Better off with a decent fully choked magnum shotgun.
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  10. The light bulb moment:),is this the dry run on what could happen if we leave the european state, i.e are they flexing their muscles already:thinkingface:
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  11. As guy learns how to fly drones , he is heard to say, "watch out gatwick", but insists he said "silly people"

    Now what button do I press for left again?

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  12. Useless government, with inadequate laws governing the ownership and use of drones which is compounded by the total lack of preparedness for this type -or worse- of malicious drone usage.

    After watching the House of Commons over the last months totally in denial, crowned by the ludicrous Dreadful Leadsome making a fuss about entirely true & accurate "stupid woman" comment (which is odd coming from her having reinstated two MPs suspended for sex allegations ) I can't say I am surprised. But I am appalled.
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  13. Chatting about this at work today. Why take the risk of forearms and bombs as a terrorist: get a few £100 drones and bring the whole country to a standstill!
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  14. I doubt anyone however skilled could hit one of these things with a scoped rifle that would be pure Hollywood. Hitting a stationary target at range is a skill and a moving target is unbelievably difficult to hit plus where is the round going to land if you miss or ricochet.
    A shotgun with 00 buckshot could be an option but they have a limited range.
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  15. ground to air missile would do it. Or a hawk. Aren't some prisons using hawks to help intercept drones dropping drugs and phones off?
  16. We appear to have a major security flaw here to which the powers that be are totally flummoxed by, Not just airports but what is stopping s a bomb being dropped of Westminster or Downing Street? Shows the effect of a distracted government.....
  17. A few mini sam sites I reckon.

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  18. Hawks with wooden legs maybe.
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  19. It's OK only affecting the Holiday people wanting to fly out to hotter countries to sip beer by the sea.
    Hey Hoe:D
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  20. Ive hit a rabit on the run at 80 mtrs with a ruger 10/22... but I think cut out the middle man and aim for the plane...way easier. ..
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