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For Sale Gauging Interest In Possible Sale Of 2004 749r

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by 749er, May 12, 2019.

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  1. more gauging interest at the moment for my 2004, 749R with about 5000 miles, all the correct accessories and many spare body parts

    Obviously, this is THE 749R to own. The service history is extensive, and I just had a full service with belts done back in March. I have owned it for 9 years now and in that time it has been serviced by Snells. It’s been serviced so many times the dealer is working backwards through the book.

    Ohlins everywhere. Set up by MD Racing for me weighing 75kg.

    For four years it never moved. The joy of living in Scotland- rarely had a a dry road so it stayed in the garage. When I moved back to London it went into Snells for a full refresh at a cost of about £1500. This included new fork oil and seals, all fluids and belts. It has been meticulously maintained and cared for.

    The ECU has been remapped by Biggelaar to suit the race filters and 57mm Termignoni exhaust.

    +4 teeth on the rear sprocket with longer 525 gold chain to match

    Spares include

    2nr spare top fairings. One with shell graphics. The other is brand new.

    1nr left fairing - brand new
    1nr right fairing - brand new

    All the above are carbon fibre

    1nr rear section in plastic as per OEM spec

    The fairings which are on the bike are as you would expect for about 5000miles with the exception of a scratch on the lower part of the left fairing.

    Don’t need to sell it but open to an offer that could tempt me to do so.

    Messages asking about lowest price or with stupid offers will be ignored.
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  2. Without a price Derek it’s hard for anyone to know what a silly offer is imho. Glws :upyeah:
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  3. Photographs/price and a bin please;)
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  4. £5000 and two big boxes of these....
    [​IMG] +[​IMG]+[​IMG]
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  5. Photos will be sent to those making serious enquiries by email
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  6. As per the first line of the advert

    “Gauging interest”

    No interest = no sale
  7. Hey @749er Derek, sad to hear of your potential loss!

    Btw...got any Gilles chain adjusters you want to sell?
  8. @Loz

    No, but last week I saw a set disintegrate
  9. @Loz is in the desert bar - try his underling El Toro or DB :thinkingface:
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  10. Do tell, what happened?
  11. Posted on a for sale ad...
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  12. Maybe you should post it somewhere else than "DUCATI BIKES FOR SALE" section then...
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  13. I didn't dissolve 'em. Don't blame me!
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  14. You were being asked to delete posts, but the text asking has been deleted :eyes:
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  15. A mate had them on his R1 and one side shattered just as he was coming off of the last turn at Aragon. The chain jumped off the sprocket but fortunately the wheel didn’t lock up.

    A bit of improvised engineering and he was out again.
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  16. I'm interested.... :yum:eyes::broken_heart::motorcycleduc::heart::heart:
  17. I would dearly like to know how this bothers you? If you are not interested or cannot afford it then why get involved?

    I really don't know how to value the bike. There are so few around, never mind with such low mileage and accessories. If I asked for some ideas on pricing I expect I would get suggestions between £10k and £15k. Maybe more, given I have about £2000 of spare parts for the bike.

    I don't need or particularly want to sell it, but if the market is such that its value is attractive then I will. I have hardly ridden it in recent years and so it males sense to let someone else enjoy it.

    There is no "gauging interest" section.
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  18. I expect most are as in the dark as you are 're price... perhaps a what you would like figure may be a good starting point... personally I would part with my left gonad for it but I doubt that would seal the deal!!!
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