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Gauze Crank Case Filter?

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Harris911, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. i have just been doing a first oil change on new to me 900ss, should the plug on the side of the crank case have a gauze filter on it, I removed it and there was nothing on it? Also what is best 5-40w or 10-40w oil?
  2. Hey, it should have the gauze tube attached, have a good look in the hole as it can detach on removal.
    A decent 10/40 semi will be perfect.
  3. I tend to run 5W 40, engines a bit modified. As regards the filter this is what it should have there... 20200607_083109.jpg
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  4. Yes, it should be attached to the plug, it’s pretty much the only early indicator of gallery plug failure you’ll get so you should fit one if yours is missing.
    (The indication being slivers of aluminium on the gauze, sometimes shaped like fingernail clippings).
  5. On my Monster, the gauze filter is securely fixed into the steel plug. Does anyone know if they can be seperated without damage?

    I want to remove mine to tap the plug for a temperature sensor (and then replace it). I can rotate the filter in the plug but can't seem to pull it out.
  6. They do pop off, I’ve seen 2 detach on removal, the plastic must grow with age and doesn’t quite fit thru the threaded hole. They do pop back on, tight fit, hot water helps.
  7. If they are the same as a 996 then they do pull off, as I modified the plug for on oil temperature sensor as you want to do.
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  8. Ok thanks I will have a closer look to see if I can see it, the plug on mine is brass though not steel?
  9. Can see it but can’t get it out, any ideas? I have tried to grab it with tweezers but it doesn’t appear to fit through the hole
  10. The plastic has grown with age, if you can wedge something into the gauze and unscrew it past the threads, it will come out with a bit of persuasion, bit fiddly.
  11. Picture at the top of the thread appears to show the filter exiting the hole backwards? Is it possible to turn it around to make extraction easier / possible
  12. If your 900ss is a 90's model, the filter is the same as my Monster. The top picture does indeed show the filter in backwards. It needs the open end going into the plug which has two holes that allow the oil to flow to the oli pump. Putting the gauze filter in backwards will block the oil flow. IMG_0367.JPG
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  13. Think I may destroy it getting it out, anyone know the part number of a replacement?
  14. Is that a picture from inside the casing, or is it the filter exiting backwards through the case?
  15. Inside split cases
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  16. Yeah, pics from spkit cases as I am currently in my engine. Part number below.... Screenshot_20200608-070834_Chrome.jpg
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  17. Got it out in one piece, refitted it to the plug and trimmed the plastic carefully with a Stanley knife so it was a better fit
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