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Gear Shift Indicator And Radiator Protector Guard?

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Mikke Drago, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. Hi there. How and where do people mount their gear shift indicator? I see many have them on the side of the instrument panel, do you just glue it together?

    Anyone with experience using radiator protector guard / grille? Will this affect the temperature on the bike to go higher?

    I have a Ducati 848 evo 2011.
  2. Velcro.

  3. Thanks Dutch.
    Would you recommend the radiator protectors sold on eBay?
  4. Which ones are you talking about?
  5. Evotech..
    The UK based company. Reasonable prices for good products.
  6. lol don't waste your money, buy some chicken wire instead. Same result, but a lot cheaper.
  7. Pros and cons for everything…
    Evotech/Chicken wire..
    Your bike, your decision.
    Having used both, I now opt for the easier, more aesthetically pleasing option.
  8. My reply was in regards to the OP his crystal ball question.
  9. Well CNC Racing is an excellent brand, so that one would be a good choice.
    Stay away from the aliexpress copies, you will regret it sooner or later.
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  10. Using the Evotech Radiator guards on V4 and they seem just as good as Ducati version, but half the price, no change to temperature, just as before fitting. “Hot, damn Hot!” But hey ho at least it keeps legs warm.
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