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1098 Gearing For Track Use?

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by duc996bp, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Whats a good all-round gearing (F & R sprocket) for track use on a 1098??

    On my 996 I'm using 14/38 with a 96T 520 chain which works well , would this be a suitable setup for a 1098?? Is a 520 strong enough for a 1098?
  2. I've only gone down 1 on the front to 14 on my 1098R and I can't see you would need to do anything else on your 1098. Hugely different power delivery to the 996 and high grin factor fun. Andy
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  3. -1 from standard life the front
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  4. Thanks Andy, Bradders.
    I clearly haven't done my homework, std on a 1098 is 15/38 with a 98 chain I think, over geared for my liking.
    Was thinking of a new chain and Renthal sprocket too, hence the 520 chain question, good or bad idea?
  5. I kept the standard chain and -1 on the front which worked on all the tracks I rode.
  6. If you are top fast group/club racer standard then there has to be a small something to be had performance wise otherwise BSB teams wouldn’t do it. However, IMO, if you are not at that standard, you are trading chain and sprocket life for a very small gain. Andy
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  7. If it’s just track and I was hanging anyway id go 520 simply becaue there may be more choice of rear sprockets
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  8. If its about strength and the width of the chain link 525 being wider than a 520.. put a full match between your finger and thumb and try to snap it, now do it with a less wide match, its harder to do, so narrow is stronger..:cool:
  9. If the material and moment of inertia of the section is the same, I agree.
  10. However...
    For a narrower chain, a narrower sprocket is required.
    For the same load transfer, the bearing area of the sprocket will be reduced in width. The bearing stress on the sprocket drive face will be increased indirectly proportional to the width of the sprocket which will lead to a higher wear rate (assuming the sprocket materials are the same).
  11. There is no such thing as all round gearing for track use. You should choose your gearing depending on which track you are riding. Of course a 520 chain is strong enough. Why do you think it is weak?
  12. Isn't there an online software tool where you input data (bike, track, tyres etc) and it spits out correct gearing for said track. Very good apparently.

    Task challenge! Dig it out somebody and post it on here.... I would, but I'm a lazy bastard and can't be arsed.
  13. Gearingcommander.com
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  14. Totally agree on gearing specific to track being ridden. My compromise is down to not wanting to lengthen/shorten chain each time, I'm not racing, hence not looking for that last tenth. In reality I probably spend most my track time on 2 tracks, Oulton P/Silverstone GP, however 2 very different tracks!

    When it comes to strength of chain, I really don't know the answer! What's the reason for 2 types? Is it just down to the 525 wearing longer? In that case its a no brainer, for me 520 every time.

    Anyway getting back to my original question, I know for sure my bike is over geared, in its current form I could no way reach max rpm in top, down the Hanger straight of Silverstone.
  15. Unless you are seeking a second or two or tengths, -1 suites almost every bike built lol
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