General Election On The Way?

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  1. I saw this yesterday and did chuckle, even more so when The website claims at the top of the page to be created by volunteers, but was actually registered by a political adviser to Labour’s Campaign Chair Andrew Gwynne

    I Like Corbyn, But...
  2. These would be huge changes, and they fall into the areas that are very unpalatable to the British, and therefore contributed to the UK becoming uniquely attractive within the EU as a destination for migrants. The coalition and later Cameron governments did not want to address these points, which made it all the more impossible to get any sort of "deal" or "emergency brake" agreed with the EU. Imagine, for instance, adding limitations to state benefits, along the lines of "you can't claim for at least 6 months" or "this benefit only lasts 6 months and then it stops".

    Entitlement to NHS healthcare isn't judged on tax contributions or nationality - all that matters is residence, and workers on long-term work visas are resident, surely? It's true that even when non-resident, EU nationals can take advantage of the EHIC card system when travelling around Europe, but that's for short term stays only. The NHS has very limited ability or appetite to charge anyone for treatment, as we know, and I think it would be very difficult to buy any fully comprehensive medical insurance in the UK - the policies that are available are all "bolt on enhancements" to NHS cover.

    As for benefits, successive UK governments have created a complicated mountain of benefits, tax credits (another form of benefit, obviously, but attached to a need to do paid work) and state pension (the only significant benefit of a long term nature which is linked, to some extent, to contribution history). It would be very difficult to restrict any of this for immigrant workers from anywhere (for instance, if you pay NI, you automatically build up entitlement to state pension, which is what NI is primarily for).

    None of this means that companies like JLR may not have to try a bit harder in future to prove that the foreign workers they take on are specifically qualified to fit into vacancies that cannot be filled with UK nationals.
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  3. You stated, quite confidently on many occasions that Article 50 wouldn't be signed. I think it's been established that you aren't very good at this.

    Why do you keep posting "Are we out yet?" if 2 years is a "CONSERVATE ESTIMATE"? You clearly do not understand the process of leaving the EU
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  4. You're wasting your time @noobie He'll just do what he does, and ignore the question. He did say the company I worked for was going to up sticks and leave when I was seeing official company briefs stating the exact opposite in official memos. :Hilarious: I know who I believe. :Meh:
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  5. Here you go, nobbie.

    Jaguar Land Rover CEO latest to warn of Brexit effects on UK industry | The Independent
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  6. The two people who have left were part of Cameron's old team and will have seen that she wants to undo many of his suggestions and run her own. Not unexpected, she wants her own on song people around her.

    I believe Corbyn, Farron and yes even Nic, ensured the team around them was the team that was in alingment with their vision so meant some of the old team left

    There are suggestions her manifesto intends to cap the energy companies as they do In germany and France I believe?

    As to the foreign aid budget, I think it will actually be increased but, that it will possibly be merged, come under the another department and as such the amount spent in aid will actually be reduced with the leading department soaking up the extra

    Duke, the only way that wall is crumbling, is if you built it
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  7. Can I ask duke, When Corbyn took over from Milliband, do you think he changed any of his predecessors policies or mandate?
  8. Ahh right let's ignore the question then.:tonguewink:
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  9. No not ignoring, ignoring is you saying jlr said they are going to do whatever they want to do and then link you put up shows it was a lie and you ignore it

    I haven't got a copy of her manifesto yet have you? I asked a question and it is you that has ignored it so I will ask again

    Can I ask duke, When Corbyn took over from Milliband, do you think he changed any of his predecessors policies or mandate?

    Given almost all new leaders change what their predecessors do, your "shock horror look what she's claimed to be doing" turns out to be possibly what all leaders of all parties do. I'm trying to ask you why you think it's a rare thing?
  10. The only reason companies take on foreign workers is they are not prepared to train people themselves - they want somebody else to foot the bill for training their staff

    Either that or they can employ foreigners for less money

    There is also an issue with the welfare state competing with employers for people and the welfare state with its generous handouts quite often wins
  11. You really are a tool :Hilarious:

    So 2 spin doctors (Lizzie Louder & Katie Perrior, yes exactly........who? :D) leave their jobs and you say the wall is starting to crumble. The Mirror :Hilarious: reports is as "chaos" :D

    Meanwhile, how many Labour MPs are not running for re-election? What's your opinion on that? Mega-Chaos? Or as you said above, will you ignore the question?
  12. I asked first, Nobbie. You tried the bullshit political trick of not answering your question but trying and failing to turn it around.
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  13. Okay, lets test that, you said

    I don't know about the tax increases or the pension and would suggest you do not either as they are journalists assumptions based on not yet seeing a manifesto. That's your question answered.

    My question was based on facts though, 3rd time lucky

    Can I ask duke, When Corbyn took over from Milliband, do you think he changed any of his predecessors policies or mandate?
  14. Oh yes I do................Unfortunately for you, I understand the legality and the politics / trustworthy of the UK governmment far first recollection of politics was of Macmillan.....The only time I 'ever had it so good' wasn't with you.....

    I never said Article 50 wouldn't be signed, I said Brexit wouldn't happen - it hasn't yet, has it?
    No I didn't....nothing to do with Julie Driscoll (who?) said "If your memory serves you well" obviously doesn't.
  15. I never heard of any leader changing heir policies to ones that will be universally unpopular and will actually lose them votes.
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  16. You did indeed say that Brexit wouldn't happen, many times. You also said Article 50 wouldn't be triggered, many times. Go back one page to see your own quotes back at you. You can nit pick over the word signed or triggered, but it has been triggered which you said it wouldn't be.

    As far as asking whether Brexit has happened yet, you yourself state that it will take at least 2 years, everybody knows this, this is the timetable laid out in Article 50 and understood by all involved. I would say that we'll see just see what has happened in 2 years time and revisit this, but maybe that's too much like watching paint dry? Can you show me a single person involved in the Brexit process or media that has stated that Brexit would be signed, sealed and delivered by April 2017? You keep stating that Brexit won't happen based on the fact it hasn't happened 3 weeks after signing Article 50. You're like a 4 year old in the back of the car asking "are we there yet", over and over.

    That post to Noobie wasn't referring to you, read it back to see who Noobie was talking to on the subject of JLR. :Meh: There's nothing wrong with my memory, or ability to comprehend a thread for that matter.