For Sale Genuine Uk 748 Sps 1999

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  1. Hi All,
    For sale, on this site only till the end of the month, I want the bike to have the best chance of staying within the forum.
    1999 genuine 748 SPS, UK bike, low owners, genuine 5600 miles with great provenance of books, manuals, old mot's and lots of reciepts over the years. Comes with original gold stand, new bespoke tailored soft cover, standard heel guards and pipes boxed with fittings, it will also come with a new Harris stainless paddock stand and optimate 4 connector and has the improved Battery leads fitted, she also has carbon chainguard and rear muddy as shown.
    I searched for a long time to find the best bike possible and I believe this is it, it is in showroom condition and one of 20 bought to UK in that year. I also contacted Ducati to verify the bikes details and they did and this will go with the bike of course. I bought the bike in November 2017 as an investment and an occasional rider, but alas it needs to be sold for a genuine reason. The bike was purchased from Ducati Leeds for £10,100, invoice supplied, it had been recommisioned by them as she had been in a collection inc belts, mot and full service.I had then the bike taken to Glenn at Motov an ex Parkinsons Ducati mechanic of second to none reputation, he re zinced any fastener not minty mint, replaced tyres/chain that were fine but 7 years old! and then went through the whole bike, in his words he has never seen engine casings in such good condition on an old 748 or heard such a quiet engine, he was amazed and he knows his stuff, I spent a further 1K with Glenn to get it bang on, finally the belly pan was pro repainted to remove some small stonechips on lip.
    The bike is correct and not messed with, no damage anywhere, it has the 50mm termi full system, correct chip, cast iron discs etc, frame and wheels not repainted as perfect and original. I am an honest and genuine chap and doubt this bike is repeatable which is why I paid a lot for it, it will only go one way in value that's also guaranteed with the V4 hitting the streets, she's the real deal and if you turned her upside down she's as clean underneath as on top!
    006.JPG 006.JPG 007.JPG 008.JPG 009.JPG 010.JPG 014.JPG 019.JPG I have attached some images taken last month whilst fairings were off, pictures were taken under flouresecent light so belly pan does look a touch different colorwise although they all do, but in the sunlight the match is very good. I am looking for 9K, 100% no offers it's a bargain for someone and if sold here of course a donation will go to this fantastic site, she's good to go and to enjoy, anyone that has ridden an sps will know what they are all about, she looks amazing sounds like thunder, it is the bike I will probably always regret selling.
    If you need any more info just send me a PM for starters, regards to all.
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  2. nice..
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  3. Very genuine write up and very nice bike!! I wish you all the best with the sale :upyeah:
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  4. Very nice mate best colour for a 748.:upyeah:
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  5. Nice bike, would there be any negotiation regarding the price?
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  6. Not wishing to be rude to a new contributor but what was it about the “£9000, 100% no offers” bit that didn’t come across in his post ? The guy’s taking a £2000 hit on his original investment as it is. Andy
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  8. Understood but worth a try
  9. Many thanks for the positive comments.
    Some additional info the Harris stand is stainless unpolished finish with a additional security bolt that goes through the wheel so it can never come off paddock stand by chance, easy to fit and remove a nice touch I like and the cover is a proper tailored black cover with white piping that fits perfectly over mirrors and covers both wheels where it tucks in neatly with elasticated bottom trim, both are new and only ever used on this bike and about 300 odd quids worth.
  10. Would be liked
    NOODS x
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  11. He didn't know about wotsits :worried:

    Fab bike, must be the best out there - GLWS :):upyeah:
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  12. Beautiful bike
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  13. Also to add, the bike was data tagged from new and I also have the original ducati alarm and fobs which was taken off the bike early on in its life but is there if required. Always nice to have original parts.
  14. Why did you give him a dislike... was it the colour?
    Being a customer of yours I didn't think you'd be that rude.
  15. all the best with the sale, as someone who has spent a lot of time riding a 748R recently as a friend had one, the only thing I would say is that for the money, if you can show proof as to why the fairing is different to the original 748 design, it would greatly support the sale.

    I would buy a 748r tomorrow, I should have bought my friends off him, but they are getting so rare now that they need to be absolutely perfect in terms of originality to get the 'collectors' turning up at the door. If that's what you want........

    If you don't want a collector (and I don't blame you) then just bare in mind you have to compete with what else £9k buys you, and its a clean 899, or S1000rr or RSV4, which I agree are totally different concepts but your buyer will be that one person who can appreciate this and be a rider, which means you may need to advertise as wide as you can.

    All the best with the sale :)
  16. A rare Fat Finger moment, unlike some who suffer from it all the time o_O:upyeah:
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  17. watch it :eyes: my finger, it's a hovering...
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  18. I don't know the bike but know if Glenn at Moto V has had a lookie over and an input, it won't be shoddy
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