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Getting A Little Excited

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by jack999s, May 29, 2019.

  1. As above, Getting a little excited but unfortunately not over a Ducati this time,
    Bought the 2019 Tuono Factory, Will defo miss the sfs and 888

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  2. Thread moved, Judas! ;)
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  3. Is there a Judas section - cool :D
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  4. Is it electric Bob?

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  5. Can we vote ban members off the site,... oh no that might come back to haunt me! ;)

    Enjoy @jack999s
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  6. I've got one sitting waiting in the dealers for when I get back to the UK.
    They cheated with the demonstrator by fitting an Akra end can so I had to have that as well.
    It's a mental piece of kit....
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  7. Ive never seen one in the flesh never mind ridden one, Looks like I may just like it :) Bought over phone and getting delivered start of the week, Have you ridden one?
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  8. Mine comes with Akra but wont get it till I go for first 600 mile service
  9. Yes I did about 60 miles on a brand new demonstrator around the Helmsley TT course....
    I did the same route on a 1290 Ktm and was left disappointed as that was my first choice.
    Within a mile on the Tuono I knew I was buying it and it just got better.
    I didn't get to grips with all the electronic trickery in such a short time, but the wheelie control was useful.
    Mine is being fitted with the Akra from the off, I'm not sure if things are turned down until the first service, it did rev out but the dash went a funny colour which is supposed to tell you to calm down.
    Did I mention it wheelies?
  10. :astonished: Looking forward to next week and not to mention I have 2 weeks holiday from work, Worst thing is the 500 mile round trip for first service:eek: Looks like I will be hiring a van
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  11. Surely... ride it just over half way home, then turn round and head back to the dealers for the first service? :D
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  12. Nice bike, and yeah that seems to be the only downside to Aprilia the lack of easy access to dealerships.
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  13. I’ve had the 2015 and 2017 Factory, they are incredible machines. The best road bike out there in my humble opinion, I only sold my 2017 to scratch my Panigale itch. I needed to get one whilst I could still ride one.
    Just wait till you open her up...... the sound.......oh my god the sound!!!
    Let us know how you get on, I’ll be interested in how you found the new suspension.
  14. Thanks mate and yeh defo will do, Looking forward to all this gismos its got, Will probably baffle me tbh :D
  15. But in England and all year around?

    That is the one concern that holds me back from pulling the trigger on one.

    Loved my panigale but it wasn’t quite as weather proof as I wanted/needed.
  16. I wanted one of these to replace my S1000RR. Love the styling, and all the reports say they are the best thing since sliced bread. The lack of dealerships and some reported reliability put me off though and I got a Street Triple RS. I suppose I will never know if I missed out, maybe one day I will get one. Lovely looking thing with performance to match.

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  17. lol, you wont believe them, they are hilarious, with a moto gp sound track
  18. Always fancied a rsv4 but there way to tall in the seat for me.
  19. Yeah I aint the tallest guy, and I sat on a s/h one last year and they are bloody tall. On the Diavel I could flat foot both feet, on the S1000RR which I bought on a whim I could just about tip toe on one foot, the Tuono, tip toes both feet and my current little RS both balls of me feet down. Its little things like this that I find give me confidence, especially when stopping at awkward junctions say on a hill or bend etc that make the whole riding experience more enjoyable.

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  20. Great idea @El Toro
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