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Gilles Fxr Reverse Shift Help

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by KA77, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. Has anyone any experience putting Gilles FXR rearsets into reverse shift?

    I am sure I have followed the instructions correctly, however, the connecting Rod now hits the rearset bracket on the downshift (leaver going up)

    Any ideas what I’ve done wrong? Do I lengthen the OEM shift rod till it clears? The instructions say adjust the shift rod to 16mm from nut to end of thread, which i have done.

    cheers AA9AF03B-4AAB-4908-AC27-C6B0E2124215.jpeg

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  2. Ok, so I have now adjusted the bikes shift rod to around double the measurement quoted in the instructions and this seems to have done the trick, both up and down gears are selectable. Happy days there.

    Having satisfied myself that everything is as it should be, I nipped everything up and carried out a final check before the ‘fine adjustment’ and loctiting took place. It now transpires that, when I nip up item number 14 (see image) the gear selector goes really stiff/locks up. Items 26, 3 & 4 seem to be installed as shown, yet, as soon as I apply minimal torque on the bolt, my dreams of up shifting at 69* lean angle while exiting left handers is shattered!!

    Any ideas what’s wrong now!


  3. Changing to GP shift shouldn’t need an adjustment to the length of your shifter rod.

    I can’t see enough detail from the pictures but did you also change the hole the lower end of the linkage is bolted to? Circled below. The instructions should tell you this should be different.

    I guess my first question about bolt 14 - is why did you have it undone for it to need tightening if you were just reversing the shift pattern? Not being facetious- just trying to understand what has been done.

  4. I’ve just purchased these from another forum member and am installing them for the first time. It seems they where configured for the normal shift pattern when they arrived. The gear lever adjustment rod is already in the forward position on the bracket circled. I have had to adjust the shift linkage, otherwise the gear lever adjustment rod fouls on the rearset
  5. I’ve contacted Gilles direct to see if they can shed any light on the subject.

    Being impatient, I made a shim from a 15mm washer and placed it between items 26 & 3. I can torque the bolt (14) now and everything works as you would hope (static anyway) I’m wondering if the washer that’s fitted is not the correct item?

  6. Question. If you push down on the shifter and hold it there, does the nut on the rose joint hit the swing arm? I've seen loads of people that end up with huge chunks out of the swing arm because of poor adjustment as they never test clearance. Just something to check.
  7. Your absolutely correct in what your saying. The adjustment is quite finite, half a turn to far in and you either scratch the swing arm, hit the rearset itself or you can no longer select up through the gears.

    I’m getting there with them, just unsure as to why I needed to add a shim. Hopefully my front headlight blank will be fixed in the next day or so and I can road test it.
  8. This is sorted now thanks. Gilles have confirmed that the washer supplied was to large and caused the selector to lock.

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