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Featured Giuliano Maoggi

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Topolino, Oct 16, 2020 at 5:26 PM.

  1. After spending most of the morning hunting online for a decent resolution example of this famous image (which Ducati have "doctored" to remove the non-PC offending cigarette), I've photoshopped the essential fag back into the image and added a splash of colour. This should be winging its way to me shortly in the form of a large canvas print, which is destined for the new garage. I've tweaked the image considerably to enhance it somewhat. Think it's come out OK.

    Maoggi Large.jpg
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  2. Great pic! Tell me more about who and where?
  3. You should have given him a Churchill cigar to ram the point home,interfering busybodies.:punch:
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  4. Its taken from the 1956 MotoGiro D'Italia race where Giuliano Maoggi won on a Ducati 125 Sport , dubbed "Marianna" and producing a heady 9bhp. Ducati have used this picture extensively over the years to symbolize their racing history but the offending fag was removed from the image as it was not inline with current attitudes towards smoking. Personally I feel you can't judge an image that's 64 years old against modern values and removing it detracts from its charm, at least that's my halfpennys worth.
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  5. Thanks for that, he looks like a real character, and your splashes of red on the pic add interest. The cigarette was de rigueur back then and for a longtime after -ask Barry Sheene or David Bowie.
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  6. upload_2020-10-17_21-26-59.jpeg
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  7. Have you photoshopped Robbie Williams in his place too
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