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Glastonbury - Bbc Get Something Right

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Expat Jack, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Just watched part of Oasis’ 1994 Glastonbury set on BBC2.
    Their full set plus loads of other great sets from the past 25 odd years are on the I Player apparently.
    Pour a cold one, turn it up to 11 and enjoy. :beer::party::fist:
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  2. I did the Julien Temple Glastonbury programme yesterday,all a bit weird focusing on the travellers in the early days with their creative art shows etc.
  3. I make no apology, tuneless dirge with a inarticulate singer. Always was, always will be :poop: Andy
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  4. Nah. Brilliant.
    But there’s loads of stuff to watch. :upyeah:
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  5. I went in 94, watched Bjork instead not a huge fan of Quoasis. Johnny Cash played that year too among others.
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  6. So I like all those you named. Only seen Oasis though.
  7. I thought they’d got it wrong but then re read

    yes some cracking stuff - watching Metallica atm
  8. There ya go. Something for everyone
  9. Peter Gabriel played too that year, not a fan but his show was fantastic stand out was ‘Don’t give up’. Cash was awesome too.
  10. Can you remember who sang opposite him on Don’t give up?
  11. I’m afraid not, for sure on the night it wasn’t Kate Bush, he did introduce her but even the next day I wouldn’t have remembered.
  12. Beyonce has let herself go...

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  13. Well having done some digging, he didn’t play don’t give up although I swear he did.....hmmm
  14. That’s Beouncy the tribute act bud :confused:
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  15. Maybe you were enjoying yourself too much ;)
  16. I'm flicking from the above station to channel 116 then to SkyArts 122,lots more different stuff on later tonight.
  17. I am looking forward to The Killers set.
    Me and no 2 were due to see them at the Emirates but C19 pissed on that. :mad:
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  18. Sinead O'Conner did at one London gig I went to..
  19. My pick is at 10 with Amy Winehouse.
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