Global Warming Or Climate Change?

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  1. From

    "Initial observations seemed to actually falsify predictions, and no sign of the Higgs could be found — leading some researchers who had campaigned for the spending of billions of dollars to go on television and meekly make the true-but-unsatisfying argument that falsifying a scientific theory is just as important as confirming it."

    Out of interest - whats the point ?

  2. The point is that the Higgs Boson physical research funding was approved on the basis of the mathematics of the theoretical physics. So my point is that the most expensive experiment physics ever disproves the point of the author quoted.
  3. Sorry, yes I understood that.

    I was wondering what the point of spending billions on the experiment was ?
    (Apologies if, like me, you also think it's a waste of money)
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  4. In my uneducated opinion, science was (in my day) about proving or disproving something, depending on the lens. But the outcome is actually the same.

    Example. Teacher: drop this liquid in that liquid and it will explode. Pupil: no it won’t, never will it do that. Liquids exchanged, small bang and puff of smoke. Therefore providing what had previously been established and not disproving what was given as established by the teacher.

    Climate change science seems very at odds with this. You ‘can’t’ disprove as it’s ‘not allowed’. It’s full of hysteria and money searching.
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  5. I doubt you are the only one Alan, it seems on the surface a very expensive way of scratching an itch for the geek squad, getting an answer to a question and little more other than keeping an awful lot of scientists and researchers in employment.

    If there was any point to it other than that, it's been poorly communicated by the team
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  6. It’s as if the EU has money to burn :rolleyes:
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  7. Maybe I am missing something, it seems to me like billions have been spent to prove a scientists theory about mass (can't help thinking if it had been proved wrong would we all weigh less ?)

    Now if they were saying we've spent billions but can now cure............ then great :)
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  8. The Climate Change movement ultimately boils down to rich people telling poor people that they can't do what rich people do.
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  9. Another side is the unbalanced reporting. Recently sky and many others have been mentioning the deforestation in Brazil whilst not mentioning things such as

    because to do so would show whilst some parts are reducing tree's many more and in excess of those removed, are being planted
  10. So Greta Thunberg is travelling to a US summit on a racing yacht and is all over the news again.
    The yacht cost £3.7m - why is this crap getting air time still :joy:
    She said she is making a statement - what statement does she thinking she is making - that she is a stupid puppet maybe :thinkingface:
    I wonder if she will fly back o_O
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  11. The extraordinary ways that Elites try to control the thoughts of the populace *shakes head*

    You have to admire their inventiveness, if not their goals.

    : o )

    Oh, sorry. You didn't know AGW/climate change is about keeping control over populations? I see what the issue is now, you think it's about "saving the planet". Heh.
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  12. I think I'm a flat earther
  13. Welcome to the truth brother :D
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  14. It's all written
    I don't feel so alone now, I just had to come out :joy:
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  15. Kilimanjaro has twin peaks too - some don't believe that
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  16. Maybe we should get El T to open a flat earth forum for all us enlightened people? :thinkingface:
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  17. Only to help educate the uneducated
  18. Uneducated in the mysteries of Stupidfeckingflatearthers! : o D
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