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  1. Reluctantly decided that it's time for the Multistrada to go . My legs are not what they were and mates are telling me I look like a geriatric stork getting my leg over these days. Did fancy the Kawasaki Z900RS but the dealer wasn't interested and gave me a lot of bull-shit so kicked them in to touch. Their is nothing in the Ducati range that catches my imagination at the moment, I could buy a V4s if I wanted but don't want to try that hard. Have tried out various bikes but the one that made me smile the most was the Yamaha MT09 Sp so I have ordered one today ,and hit the accessory list to the tune of a couple of thousand.
    Once I have got my hands on it I will get the suspension set up for me, put some sticky tyres on and just ride it for a bit before deciding what else I want to do to it.


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  2. Hope a loud pipe is on your list.They sound fabulous!
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  4. Do let us know how it goes. I think Yamaha have improved the fuelling but S-tec near Newbury seem to be well thought of if that's on your enhancement list.
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  5. Forged wheels and a full ti exhaust would be my first mods.
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  6. your new bike gets rave reviews, and great value for money. enjoy it :upyeah:
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  7. It's great how they get the number plate holder to float above the tyre :D
    Are you having a sport screen added?
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  8. sure was..full Akra system was first thing on the list. The next was the tail tidy to get rid of that nasty swing arm mounted thing.
  9. I will see how I get on with it but will keep it in mind thanks
  10. It gave me a much bigger smile than the Kawasaki H2 SX SE I was thinking of dropping 20 grand on.
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  11. Iv'e ordered the slightly bigger screen option to start with but may end up getting the sport one as well and that number plate thing is hideous...My biker bitch buddies are threatening me with the style police if I don't sort it :eek:
  12. These bike's really are silly money so I don't mind throwing a bit more at it..I almost added the ohlins NIX30 cartridge kit for the front forks to my list but thought i'd wait until JHS Racing have had a tinker with it.
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  14. enjoy'
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  15. So the scrambler range didn't do it for you?
  16. Was it Kawasaki Bristol that you had a bad experience with? They're quite shit.
  17. I wanted to like the new 1100 but it just doesn't look right to me.
  18. Which one? I have the 1100 Sport and it’s a beauty!
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  19. It was..The bloke I saw behaved like an old fashioned second hand car dealer and talked crap about new emission regulations for bike's and I would have to put
    the cat back on my bike, they couldn't sell Ducati's, etc etc..I'm 59 yrs old , not a kid so I know bollox when I here it.
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