Gone To The Dark Side 2

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Casp, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. 6F9A506B-7A2D-4471-B738-D8625DC0A747.jpeg Well the 1299 has gone after 2 good years and 9000 miles. Realised for me that sports bikes are wasted on the road and I don’t do enough trackdays I’ve gone down the super naked route. The monster doesn’t float my boat but a mate has just got a black 1200r which does look quite mean, also after having one as a courtesy bike it gave me a headache after 15min.

    Test rode the 1290 Super Duke which looks so much better outside the showroom and was an awesome bike. However took out the Tuono Factory and was blown away. Easy to ride at any speed and the noise was something else.

    Got it on Wednesday and have done 430 miles so far. Couldn’t get an earlier date than the 14th July for the first service so only 200 miles until then to play with.

    Will keep dropping in on the forum as it is one of the better and more active ones.
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  2. Congratulations! My friend bought this as well and he’s well stoked with his decision.
  3. Very nice. The world needs more super nakeds!
  4. That’s just a call out to exige isn’t it?
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  5. I’ve not met him but I’ll go on your word that he looks super, naked :eek:
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  6. These are on my list of must have bikes.. probably in 10 years most likely ..
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. @Casp is the seat the same height as the rsv4??
  9. Superb choice !! When I was looking I looked at the Aprilias, they are without doubt the nicest looking bike out there, and like you say, the exhaust sound is up there with the v-twins imo. Enjoy and ride safe.

  10. Nice, enjoy !! :upyeah:
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  11. They are very good value compared to similar spec machines out there and some big discounts available too. MY mate got a new 2017 model (Factory Tuono) for £13499 otr.

    Ignore the valve clearance service interval by the way. Do the first check at half the specified miles. The valve seats regress a lot from new and a few have snapped valve stems or developed running issues as a result. Most are very tight by 6k or 7k.
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  12. The clock is ticking for my 1199. I have the exact same thoughts as you regarding Superbikes and road riding. Im leaning heavily towards the SDR 1290 over a Tuono simply because of the lack of dealers and support. Ive heard horror stories regarding parts.
  13. It does look very pretty
  14. Very nice.
    Where is your numberplate? :)
    You need to get an Akra hanger for the can so that you can ditch the pillion pegs too!
  15. I had same thought and test rode a 2018 Tuono with Akra can, simply incredible bike although sort of manic as well and being tall I found wind buffeting really bad around 70-80mph - the noise though just awesome especially as you dropped 3rd to 2nd for a corner using auto blipper
  16. Very nice and ATM Ducati have not got anything in that class to rival it so Dark side it is !
  17. A friend has 2 a Yellow Tuono R and a Milli .... never has he has any problems with parts ...
  18. Don't post many pics but I thought if I didn't include the bins I'd be letting the side down. Haven't sat on the Rsv4 so don't know if there is any difference in seat heights but find the Tuono fine and I'm 5'10" on a good day with little 30' legs.

    Tail tidy now on and waiting for the exhaust hanger, very little choice out there plus not keen on the RG one. Ended up going for the Akra one but pricey for what it is, saying that a mate has just spent £170 on a tail tidy for his new Pani V4.
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