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1200 Gone To The Dark Side In The Knick Of Time

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Pat-SS, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Very sad to leave the fold. 12 plate 1200S Sport Has finally gone to be replaced by a new BMW GSA ( I know,nuff said).

    After 4.5 years of almost trouble free biking. I decided not to push my luck any further. Boy was it a good decision. Popped back into BMW dealers for 1st service on Monday and wandered over to salesman who sorted out the new bike. He didn't look to happy so I asked him whether he'd got sorted with the dealer he passed my traded old Stroodle onto? (he was having bit of an issue as they thought it would have panniers, S Sports got carbon instead). He told me yes and not to worry but they were even more unhappy as the bike totally lunched all it's electronics 2 days after I traded it in!! New dashboard/ECU required which i'm sure wouldn't be cheap.

    I do feel a tad guilty for the dealer but that's why I got rid. Given the reports on here about 10-12 year bike I just decided to avoid the inevitable, although I cut it really close:grimacing:
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  2. yer knew really....lol
  3. Phew! Bet you're relieved. I've done almost the same - S1000XR SE Sport on '16 plate, with £1000 over book price on trade-in of my 2011 S Sport (the one the local dealer wouldn't touch!). I returned it all to stock, but haven't heard anything back from the trade (yet?)
  4. I also popped in to my bmw dealer to find out they had to replace the dash on my old multi to get it sold. They had just taken a skyhook and a dvt in part X but said they wouldn't be taking anymore in as they often have problems to sort out to get them shifted.
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  5. Which dealer? BMW Carlisle had both in when I got my S1000XR last week...
  6. Yes Carlisle. I felt bad about the dash on mine but I honestly hadn't noticed.
  7. Hells bells! That's pretty well everywhere up here that won't take a Multi. Even later and latest models? Surely Ducati UK have got to get involved.
  8. I saw my old 13 Mutly still sat in the dealer and thought I would be a devil and fire her up, popped the cover and hit the recovery/start button, and again.... Nothing, immobiliser ring still flashing so the battery is not totally flat but no life on the dash...

    I replaced the cover and left it alone. I sometimes miss the Mutly but that was a good reminder of why it's there.
  9. My 2010 S has just clocked 28.5k on a trip to Corsica and survived!!

    Must admit, after reading of various troubles on mid 20's mileage bikes on here, I was a little apprehensive, but the only problems proved to be a blown headlight bulb and a sometimes recalcitrant computer switch (the one next to the horn button).

    As an aside, I got shown the way on a damp sweeping main road, between Ajaccio and Corte, by what I assumed to be a local (F) on a water cooled GSA and we weren't hanging about, but he was moving off at a couple of bike lengths per corner. I put it down to my hangover and worn tyres ;-) but there is no problem hustling those new GS's, so I doubt you will regret the change?

    PS: Corsica well worth the effort for riding fun, but, can sometimes get a bit busy car/camper wise and is a minor pain to get to.

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  10. I nearly bought a KTM Superadventure instead of the GSA but tried several dealers and they wouldn't take the Multi as a trade. Not good for the reputation of the bike regardless that in real terms they're probably no more unreliable than most complex bikes. Look on the BMW forum and there is endless tails of replacement engines and the like.

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