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  1. As a few of you lot know I traded my 899 pani in against a 1198s a while back....after a few runs out in it I got back to the garage and noticed coolant across the fairing and steam rising at the front, after a bit of research and a few checks I concluded it had the well known fault of the rad breaking at the fixing point, I reported it to ducati manchester and within the hour they were back in touch to let me know a new rad was on order and would be replace free of charge! Had it done today and all is well, once again I can't fault the guys at Ducati Manchester for friendly and efficient service.

    Whilst waiting I had the option to take a multistrada out for a couple of hours, I was impressed at how comfortable and capable it was to ride, although it felt rather large compared to the sportbikes I'm used to, once going it felt very easy going in both touring mode and in sport mode, cruise control was a new one for me but it was incredibly easy to use!
    Pretty good day really!
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  2. I was thinking I may have seen you today. What time were you there? I was there with @bettes from about 11am till 1pm (with an hours demo ride in between)
  3. You did well there. I had a similar problem with my 1198S last year - took it back to Ducati Norwich (from whom I'd bought the bike) and was told hard luck, no way was I getting a free replacement... Not sure my leak was in the "usual place" though - top right corner of the rad (sitting on the bike)?
  4. yep seems we just missed each other lol always next time pal!
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  5. My leak was on the top left, I notice steam rising in front of the clocks and coolant splashed around the left fairing vent. Only happened after a ride out though, not if i just ran it up to temp....guess the airflow forces it out!
  6. Yes, same place. Should have been replaced under used sale warranty.
  7. Problem was, I bought the bike in April '15 and the leak occurred in July '17... I took it to a radiator repairer and they reckoned the matrix was "rotten"; would have expected a longer service life than I got though (my SP3 still has the original radiator after 27 years!).
  8. Ar, in which case I understand why not. Although, it’s always worth seeing if they can push ducato for a replacement as it was a known failure. :)

    But mine was in the same place.
  9. Tried that! Best they (DN) could/would do was 10% off cost of new rad. And would you believe you can't but just the radiator, it comes with fans fitted. You can apparently buy the fans separately though...
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  10. Thats pretty shit matey, I am 100% confident my friendly dealer would have done something at cost for me, if I'd have bought the bike from them.
  11. Yes, I wasn't impressed. Won't be my first choice for another Ducati, and I've had a service done by Carl Harrison, who was really good.
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  12. I' have been slightly pissed off with that! 10%?! Cheeky buggars
  13. Buy a Chinky radiator off eBay for about £80. They're every bit as good at a fraction of the price. :upyeah:
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  14. Good to know when it goes again! (If I don' get another freebie :joy:)