Good Luck Tarran

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  1. Good to have a Brit back in moto 2.

    Kiefer Racing
    18 hours ago
    Tarran Mackenzie joins Kiefer Racing in Moto2™
    Scotsman in for the rest of the season to replace Danny Kent
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    After Danny Kent left Kiefer Racing ahead of the race at the Circuit of the Americas, the intermediate class team will be bringing in Tarran Mackenzie for the rest of the season.

    A Red Bull Rookie in 2012 and 2013, Mackenzie was British Supersport Champion last year – and is currently on a 100% win record after the first six races of 2017 in the class. Now a new challenge awaits in the Moto2™ World Championship, as he prepares to debut for Kiefer in Le Mans.

    Tarran Mackenzie: "I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity that Kiefer Racing have offered me in the Moto2 World Championship, and I'm looking forward to this new challenge, although it won’t be easy in this Championship. I will always do my best to justify the confidence in me that Stefan and his team have shown. I would also like to thank McCAMS Yamaha Team and Yamaha UK for making it possible for me to realise my dream, and I will always remember our time together."

    Stefan Kiefer: "The last few weeks were very hectic after Danny gave us a surprise in Austin that he was no longer going to race for us. So we had to find a substitute rider, which was not easy, but our goal was to find a young rider who had the qualifications and previous success to be able to compete in this tough championship. We are very glad that we have found a young and at the same time successful rider in Tarran Mackenzie, who will be welcomed into our team at Le Mans in the next race. We will provide him with the best possible support so he can quickly get involved in Moto2."
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  2. I think he will do well.......
    Yet again I like the way the whole family work together.
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  3. Wow it's a big step, good luck to him! :upyeah:
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  4. Knowing Niall, he'll be a very proud father and rightly so. Andy
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  5. Shame he won't be finishing the BSB year and retaining his title but seems a big opportunity:upyeah:
  6. Even though he's left, he'll still be top of the standings for a couple of races [emoji23]

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  7. Good luck to him ,he seems a nice lad with lots of go in him.
  8. Good for him, a lot of talent, he will do well, got a great coach in his corner, proud dad.