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Good Monster 1200 Review

Discussion in 'Monster' started by dubcat, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. i think he does a good job of capturing what life with a monster 1200 is all about. I love mine.

    My Monster is a do anything, great for all occasions, makes me feel special machine with tonnes of character and a soul. I want for nothing.
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  2. Good review, I take a pillion with no problems and his size guide works for me. I agree with him about not being impressed with the power lower down the rev range, I wish it made more power and torque lower down the rev range as I don't like to thrash any bike, (anything over 6000 rpm is thrashing to me). As a consequence I do get over 50mpg and find the bike can do most things really well. It is a special machine and it does make me feel good when I ride it.
  3. In my opinion you are missing out on SO much by keeping it below 6000 rpm. I'd urge you to use the full rev range and light up the Christmas trees at will. I was like you until a few weeks ago. However, once I popped the rev range cherry I never looked back. I cruise at 3-5k and go WAY past it when required.
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  4. What Dubcat says...

    Get it singing along between 6k and the redline, it’s a hoot! Bloody quick too!
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  5. Good review. Can't agree that it's a good two-up bike. Wife hated it and she weighs nine stones. Seat too hard and narrow. Pegs too vibratory and exhaust too loud. Ok, that last one's my fault. She does like the Multistrada which is fine by me as I prefer to ride the Monster alone anyways.
  6. I have fitted a JP Adapter and 43 t steel sprocket to my M1200.
    No need to change the chain as it has enough length to accommodate the change, chain was only 1200 miles old.
    Shame a 45t is not available. As this has improved lower speed engine revs, and the bike does not feel so laboured at 70 mph in top gear.
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  7. Well it may be that the 2015 is more comfortable for a pillion
    My wife find our 1200s comfortable for up to 3 hours and i think when she has a Ventura pack behind her we may be able to do 4 hr stretches
  8. Mine averages about 40-45 mpg on normal brisk rides but I chased a Superduke R the other day and got it in the 20’s...
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  9. That's 70's two stroke territory :eek:
  10. That must have been a really nadgery road ,low gears but high revs .

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