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Good Price On Monster 1200r?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Beds748s, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Hi just wondering what you lot think is a good price on monster 1200r 2016

    Great condition, 9500 miles
    Termi's and up map
    DUCATI CARBON exrtras
    And cnc resiviors and sprocket carrier

    Bad bits, rear break not working and needs 4 yr service
  2. Thread moved and title changed to suit
  3. Prices vary greatly. Search on ebay Ducati Monster 1200R & you'll see a dozen at different prices & mileage, some with 4 times the miles of cheaper others.
    Bloke on here got a 800 miler for 11k. Dealers around 11-12.5K for 2000-5000 milers.

    Where are you, what colour & condition?
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  4. Hi im in st neots

    Condition really good. Post some pictures up latter this week
  5. Dealer offerd 8.5k but want to squeeze some more from somewhere else
  6. If you can get one for that purchase price you're doing very well:upyeah:
  7. Sorry i didn't put this right

    Its my bike and i am trading it in as taking break from biking after 20yrs as dont have time as work commitments to much
  8. Subscribe on here and try and sell it privately :)
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  9. Hi
    I am scribed and was asking what they think its worth before i put up a post with bike for sale .
  10. Put it on ebay for 8.6k
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  11. Lol
  12. You don't appear to be subscribed, @El Toro is there a fault as someone else said this earlier in the week?
  13. I had to sign in.. But is there another option i need to change
  14. See the Premium button at the top of the page:

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  15. This is the right answer ;)
  16. There is no record of you being subscribed according to your profile and records unless it was done in the dim and distant past and it’s expired???

    If you’ve recently subscribed can you tell me when and I will look into it. If you haven’t then you will need to subscribe to sell your bike and/or anything else.
  17. Advertise it at £9995 or best offer for that year/mileage.:upyeah:

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