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Gopro Newbie Thread

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by West Cork Paul, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. I’m thinking of getting a GoPro so asking for some advice from those that have one/use one please.

    where’s the best place to mount it? Helmet?

    What do peeps use for a helmet mount?

    what are peeps using for post shoot editing of the footage?

    what’s the typical battery life? ie do I need to get a spare battery as well.


    edit: broadband connectivity for me is very good so no issue for uploadzing anything. I’ve also got a fair amount of computing power (Apple) so should be able to run most editing software, just really wondering what’s the easiest to use and best value for money; I’m not gonna be doing this professionally every day just need it to upload a few vids to the swi500.ie web site.
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  2. I have one, used it a few times and removed it. They are great kit, but I found you need really good machines to edit and a quick broadband to upload. I've now a very good laptop but broadband is crap and I just can't be bothered.
    You will need decent brackets etc I way always worried whether or not it would fall off but never did.
    I liked having it on the bike rather than the helmet.
    Oh and if you have one on, behave and don't be a dick.
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  3. I have the latest GoPro 8 Black Edition and from the version 7 onwards, the stabilisation software is incredible. The footage is silky smooth and the sound is so much better....

    I tank mount mine using the adhesive on the latest version. I normally wouldn’t mount it there with the older versions due to the vibrations but this new one is great.

    On the setting 2.7k resolution and 60 FPS - I get about an hours of footage. It takes 10 seconds to change the batteries and I bought a spare pack of 4. I have a 512gb card and that can store 11 hours of footage.

    Helmet camera footage is good but I hate the constant movement on screen, makes me feel almost motion sick.

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  4. Thanks E, I’ve just edited my original post, what did/do you use for editing please?
  5. I will not mount anything on my helmet. Safety being paramount, but wind resistance and noise also matter, as does potential vibration. I mount mine on the LH crash bar. I have had little chance to use it much so far this year mind. If I edit I stick with Windows Movie Editor, or I give to afriend to play with that does it professionally if its important
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  6. I’ve got one , but never remember to charge It (therefore take it )
    So I bought a waterproof case with power so I can power it on the go
    If you just want to fit and record and edit later , that’s the way to go .. otherwise you have to keep an eye on the battery
    There’s also a remote that I mount to the handlebar if I want to switch on and off or take stills throughout the ride
    Mines an old one , so there’s probably better functionality now. I edit with the standard MAC software , forget what it’s called
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  7. Hey Jewell, is the software doing the stabilization parallel gimbel effect. (keeping it horizontal)
  8. Use a Session 5 on my helmet, GoPro helmet mount. Edit using either Adobe Premier or Adobe Rush.

    Down to the Duro valley

    Wet ride North from Potes

    The above are videos uploaded to Facebook so quality has be significantly crushed.

    Also have a Hero 6 and the GoPro sucker mount which I attach to either the fairing side or the top box. Use a lanyard to save this if it falls off but it's pretty solid and hasn't yet.

    Frankly I prefer the helmet mount as your head acts a little like a gimbal.

    Haven't gotten around to editing much, even in lock-down I've had other stuff to sort out. Upload speed is key for posting on YouTube, FB etc, mine is severely lacking here but after my upcoming move I'm looking forward to a decent connection.
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  9. By far the best mounting point is the helmet chin but its a bit of a faff to setup. The side of the helmet is nearly as good but you have the safety issues that people mention. Personally I question it being a safety problem as the cameras break off the mounts quite easily on impact but that's something for you to decide. A lot of tracks will not let you do helmet mounts but you can get away with chin mounts since they are not so visible. One general piece of advice is to avoid the really wide angle lens settings since it distorts reality too much, unless you are looking at countryside scenery in which case you might not mind all the corners looking different.

    The most effective bike mount position is the side of the tank because you can see the dash and hand grips so it makes the videos more interesting. Tank mount only works on Ducatis which have a different shape to most other bikes. I cant put a camera on the tank of the BMW because it gets in the way of your helmet when ducking down but it's fine on the Ducati. The camera is a bit further forward than normal here so you cant see much of my hands.

    A lot of places will not let you run on the tank because of the the issues with it getting in the way on other bikes so the next spot is the yoke mount which is clean and works really well since you can see the dash still so it's not as boring as a front nose mount camera. Once you cant see much on the bike you are relying on good scenery or action from other vehicles to make the video interesting.

    Tail mounted footage facing backwards can be really good if you have people chasing you; this is @Advikaz following me at Brands Hatch terrorising the evening sessions last year! :)

    I've stopped doing tail mounted footage facing the riders ass since it needs to be really wide angled to see much and that distorts the reality of the track too much. It can be good footage, especially with the newer wide angled lens but I can't stand it when it looks nothing like real life.

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  10. Unless you are on a track, you should not be recording the speedo either ...unless you want to lose your licence perhaps .
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  11. Yeah thats a fair point.
  12. Correct.
  13. I have Gopro Hero7 Black.

    I would have got the 8 but you cannot change the lens if broken by stone etc, on the hero7 black you can just twist it off & fit new one. The Hero 8 will need sending off for repair.

    The Hero7 Gimbal like stabilisation is amazing.

    I mount mine on chin, i made a custom mount with sugru. Your neck acts like a gimbal also so the footage is sweet. I record on 1080p 60FPS Superview & get around 1hr20mins recording battery life & have another battery i take out. If you set up quick capture its even better, you just press the top button & it turns on & starts recording, then press again to stop. No point filming traffic etc. I use 64gb SanDisk Extreme & 1080p is around 4hrs worth of video.

    I use Quick to edit videos, seems to do a good job.

    The Hero7 Black is on offer with 64gb Sanadisk Extreme card on there website for £219.99.....thats an absolute bargain.






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  14. Hero 6 black, use the gopro mounts (they use 3M tape and when it’s on, it’s on) I use iMovie and Final Cut Pro to edit on a very powerful iMac and that gets a bit warm on 4K footage :)
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  15. GoPro battery life is an issue and you may need more than one battery. The Ghost range have much better battery life.
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  16. Right, the GoPro 7 arrived today, complete with the suction mount I ordered and I've got it set up on the tank of the bike for the first attempt. Just one issue. I can't for the life of me see how I can plug it into a recharging cable whilst it's in the frame which mounts it to the bike. The frame covers the door for the charging/hdmi ports. Is that right or am I doing something wrong?
  17. You will need to purchase an additional case like this one

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