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  1. Over the winter I fitted a quickshifter to my non-S Supersport to help my left hand which is recovering from Tendon damage. I had been grumbling about having to take it a 200 mile round trip to the only dealer to get it activated in the dash.
    Then I had an unexpected call from Ducati Glasgow's service manager today. He told me they had a job marked for my bike. I said "Ah, that'll be the recall for the gear pedal, I won't be bringing it down until the weather picks up, probably late March or early April." Then he went on to tell me that they have a bike to pick up in Perth next week, that's 30 miles from me, and they could pick up my bike at the same time do the recall and bring it back after the work. Great! So I asked about getting the quickshift activated at the same time. No problem he said [​IMG]
    So that's 2 birds with one stone and great customer service. They had been getting a bad press for service problems and delays recently so it's good to see them make an effort and go out of their way to help a fairly distant customer.
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  2. We always go out of our way to help Derek, glad to hear we’ve been able to save you the hassle.
    Isn’t always possible but our new guys in control are working wonders in that dept.

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  3. Why only Derek? :yum
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  4. Because you are not worthy!
    Perth is frikkin miles away, I wonder if they will pick up from Geneva?
  5. Why yes they will...….. :eyes:cost you though as you are no Derek :yum
  6. No cost if you are Bo Derek ?
  7. I'd like to add to this sorry if im hijacking the thread a little ! I purchased a 1299s 4 weeks ago from ducati Glasgow through Jessica the bike wouldn't be seen till I traveled from dublin to Glasgow to view and collect the bike all in the same day , I explained I'm a fussy bastard so please be honest , the money would need to be transferred and cleared through there account before I jumped on the ferry !! In the end service couldn't be any better updated every step of the way and the bike was spot on !!! Thanks a million jay Owens
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  8. You can feckin say that again!
  9. Very kind Sir, I’ll pass that on to Jess when I see her in the morning. She’s great.

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  10. Excellent dealer. Not been up to the new showroom yet. One day.
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