Featured Great New Courses And Experiences From Ducati Riding Academy

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    • DRE Road Academy is a new format suitable for riders of every skill level
    • Enrolment also open for the firmly established DRE Racetrack and DRE Enduro courses
    • Not-to-be-missed travel experiences offer the chance to tour on your favourite Ducati
    Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 11 March 2019Enrolment has reopened at the Ducati Riding Academy. Providing courses and experiences since 2003, the Academy has let more than 10,000 motorcyclists from all over the world hone their riding skills on a Ducati.

    The big change for the 2019 season is DRE Road Academy, the new DRE course designed to let everyone take control on a built-in-Bologna Ducati. Designed for novices and expert riders alike, the courses - held at the Modena racetrack - give participants the chance to put the new models in the Ducati range through their paces while ensuring they take their riding skills to the next level.

    DRE Racetrack, instead, offers a steep learning curve plus plenty of fun and excitement , not to mention the most beautiful, highest-performing bikes in the Ducati Superbike range. There are four courses, sub-divided according to participants' abilities and requirements: they range from Track Warm Up - for those who have never ridden on a track yet are eager to take the so-called "baptism of speed" - to the Champs Academy. In between lie Track Evo and Track Master, courses which let those who already have a certain experience improve ride technique and lap times even further.

    DRE Enduro Academy is a valuable experience for those who like to ride off the beaten track. Sat astride the new Multistrada 1260 Enduro and Multistrada 950, participants will learn a swath of off-road techniques and tricks, all under controlled conditions and supervised by expert, qualified instructors.

    DRE Travel experiences have also been revamped . Routes and activities have now been upgraded, thanks also to a fresh partnership with world-renowned tour operator Boscolo. The Dream Tour is an electrifying 5-day ride on your favourite Ducati through the stunning switchbacks and hills of the Tuscany-Emilia Apennines. The Adventure Tour is pure enthusiasm and enjoyment, a unique 4-day fun-filled ride experience in the midst of nature on the new Multistrada 1260 Enduro and Multistrada 950.

    For further information on the Ducati Riding Academy courses, calendar and enrolment please visit dre.ducati.it. All Travel experiences by Boscolo are illustrated in the dedicated section of the Ducati website, where they can also be booked.
  1. These sound great! would love to do any of em.

    Just as soon as I die, get re-incarnated, marry a woman that lets me do chit like this, ill be signing up
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  2. If you belong to one of the official Ducati clubs (DOCGB, DSC, SDC, UKMOC) then you get a discount on these courses which is worth more than the yearly cost of joining a club, so it's worth joining if you're thinking of doing one!
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  3. As I've not been around long, nor looked properly, but is there a Ducati riding experience here in the UK?
    Could benefit from some tips I guess, mainly not hitting the limiter in first and second.....hard to get used to coming from 4's