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Guy Martin's Great Escape

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Robarano, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. :)

    On TV this Sunday :bucktooth:. Should be good. :upyeah:

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  2. Ta :)
  3. Looking forward to it, it would be nice if he did it on a true period bike though.
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  4. Well, Steve McQueen famously didn't use a period bike. So I can forgive Guy for that. :)
  5. It was a triumph tr6 with about 30hp and I doubt the chassis and suspension was up to much either.
  6. He could have borrowed mine..

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  7. Will it involve buckets full of Tea.;)...............looking forward to the day & very much liked what he got up to in Japan.:upyeah:
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  8. Is he still up to his old tricks of pulling one off in the back of his transit?
    Grubby bugger!
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  9. It wasn't Steve Mcqueen either. Bud Ekins did the jump, I have a poster in my garage of the jump.He was cool though!

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  10. Now that would be a great Guinness book record with a sidecar.:eek:...Guy is surely mad enough for the challenge.
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  11. This is the McQueen bike. Dick Shepherd owns it now, apparently it’s 95% authentic. Dick let my lad sit on it but he’s never heard of Steve McQueen, he’ll appreciate it when he’s older.

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  12. Hope your watching, if interested.
  13. Good so far. :) :upyeah: Nice to see they devoted 2 hours to it.
  14. Nice history lesson as well.
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  15. Very entertaining, enjoyed it
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  16. Only managed to see the last thirty minutes as watching Holmes & Moriorty cuddling in a waterfall with no armbands,Anyway he did it with no surprise and what a lovely product placement from our Triumph bikes which will increase their sales worldwide.As for the vistas on location always breathtaking,if you not been out there get on with it folks.:upyeah:
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  17. Thoroughly enjoyed as usual.
  18. Mmm, IMO the program was padded out with a load of extraneous crap so it was far too long. I lost interest and went to bed before seeing the final jump. Andy
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