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Featured 1200 R Had This Delivered Yesterday....

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Pete433, Oct 1, 2021.

  1. .... and love it!

    unfortunately not the best day to get out and about but a break in the rain this afternoon and i popped out for a bit. absolutely brilliant, looks the nuts, pulls like a train, perfect riding position for me too. to be honest first time i saw @tcrofty7 on here i wanted one.

    i pulled the trigger on this and then 2 came up for sale on here! but Ducati Leeds have been good so i'm happy :upyeah::upyeah:
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  2. They are a lovely bike @Pete433. Enjoy!!
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  3. Thanks mate. My heart sank a little when I saw yours up for sale, it was a beaut. I’m loving it, loads of torque, hit 6,000 rpm and just keeps pulling. Puig screen and throttle spacer on order and I’m going to keep my eye out for a belly pan I think, they look really good :upyeah:
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  4. +1 on the throttle spacer, made quite a difference on my 1200r. Unfortunately I've hardly used the bike because of work , family etc, may be for sale soon.
  5. i can imagine, the Italian budget clearly wasnt used on the throttle housing...
  6. I can only imagine that they intentionally engineer in a bit of 'slop' to mimic the free play on a cable throttle. The general consensus is that this doesn't really work. A throttle spacer makes the world of difference IMHO, eliminating that ambiguity from zero to minimal throttle situations. This must have reached the engineering design team by now, is there a valid reason for them to not rectify this?
  7. Nice bike Mr.
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  8. I have never found any issues with this to be fair .
  9. Quite possibly a marmite thing, a few others have said similar. But of those that have fitted a throttle spacer I haven't heard anyone who's regreted it and then removed it up go back to how it was... maybe I will now though... :rolleyes:o_O:D
  10. It’s a keeper mate :upyeah:
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  11. Well, throttle spacer fitted and it’s loads better. Maybe just it’s what feels like what you used to but for me i much prefer it :upyeah:
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  12. Getting as common as muck these monster Rs.
    Think I'm going have to sell mine:p
    Regarding the spacers, I've never had a problem but if I did fit them I would more than likely feel the difference.
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  13. Apparently, Ducati have stopped production of The Monster 1200. It has been deleted from the website. Only the 937 model is available now.
  14. They stopped it in order to encourage more people to buy the street fighter apparently
  15. Are you riding it to work? If so, pop round for a cuppa. Love to see it
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  16. I am not such a fan of the look of the SF ,hence me getting the 1200R ,
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  17. definitely will be at some point mate, and certainly will pop over, be good to see you :upyeah:
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