1200 DVT Hairy Bikers On Muttleys

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Trickyricky, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. anyone watched the hairy bikers Mediterranean adventure on bbc. They are on multistradas. I happened to see the actual bikes at riders when they had finished the tour. I haven’t watched it yet but it’s on iPlayer
  2. Yeah.... great to see mutley's in their natural habitat and some nice food too. Even if you don't like the blokes themselves.
  3. I just watched 10 mins and I think I am going to enjoy the series, the ducs look awesome in the beautiful south med.
  4. It's been on for a few weeks - is it not nearly over now :thinkingface:
  5. Have a look at the Corsica one.
  6. ok :upyeah:
  7. +1 I need to go there. The roads look amazing :cool:
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  8. it is now
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  9. Now where have I heard that before :thinkingface:
  10. Did it 2 years ago, absolutely loved it. Get off the main routes and you can go for miles of twisties without traffic.
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  11. One of the HB mutleys had problems starting. Food looked good. Hungry thinking about it lol​