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Hamilton To Ferrari

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by ducv2, Feb 1, 2024.

  1. Lewis is trying for the impossible and won't get it. I would have preferred him to have realised this and instead taken Strolls seat.
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  2. I honestly don’t think that is true.
  3. Any idea what Christian Horners been up to?
    Always struck me as a bit of a snide/snitch but not so much a sex offender/predator.
  4. From what little fact has been reported, it would appear that a female employee is very unhappy with the work related demands put on her. No clue to her skill set but clearly in contact with Horner. Andy
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  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/68218956

    It looks like any further details are being kept tightly under wraps .
  6. They don’t hang about do they hearing here in the uk on Friday!

    imagine the fall out if he’s found guilty :eyes:
  7. Just read an article that suggests it’s a put up job due to internal politics and conflict with the new sponsors. Andy
  8. I don’t suppose they’re short of a sponsor or two. Makes no sense when you consider how important he is to them.
  9. ferrari40.jpg
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  10. I did a corporate job with Lewis a few years ago, amazed how tiny he is (nice enough guy compared to some other celebrities I’ve worked with)

    Also got to visit McLaren


    Looks like I won the world championship or something!%0D%0A%0D%0A...and then I woke up.jpeg
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  11. Obviously not going to have any Ferrari gossip but the rob and romesh v f1 with LH next week looks very funny.
  12. From that article -

    "Although Alonso is 43 this July, he said he believed he could continue to race in F1 for several
    more years as long as he was motivated, and that he was performing better in fitness tests this
    winter than ever before, having taking into his team a nutritionist. "

    Are you serious Fernando ? ...... or are you just seriously deluded ?

    If you can't keep up with the big dogs ....... stay on the porch !
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  13. Lets be honest they will never be friends (Alonsos own words) so not exactly any surprise to his comments.

    In fact probably more complimentary than he could have been (unless of course hes trying to suggest Hamiltons going to get an easy ride with Ferrari – which would just be daft).
  14. Am i right in thinking their beef started when the spanish fans did black faces and nearly lost the right to host their GP, or is it simply a matter of 7-2?
  15. No, it was Alonso not getting promised number one status, and arguably Lewis being shown favoritism by Ron Denis at Macca in 07 IIRC
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  16. Depending on the outcome of Felipe Massa’s legal challenge, that might only be 6 :joy: Andy
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  17. That will only happen in Massa's dreams!
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  18. Possibly the stupidest and most costly mistake the Scuderia have ever made - and they have made quite a few...
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  19. I am a Ferrari fan, have been all my life. I have no doubt Massa was the better driver that year, but the team let him down twice (the engine blew 2 laps from end of one race, and when they left the fuel hose in the car at another). He would of gone into the last race a good 14-16 points up and had it in the bag already if it wasnt for those two. How respectful he was in defeat thinking he had won, only to find out not and he was one of the first to find LH and say well done.

    But that legal challenge takes all that respect away, and makes him look a bad loser - suck it up, its a "team and driver" sport and the combination of the two lost, end of.

    Sorry, rant over!!
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