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Handlebar Movement

Discussion in 'Monster' started by hic2wo, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Hello all , Has anybody noticed excessive free play on the handlebar clamps , i know they have rubber mounts but movement on mine seems excessive, Everything is tightened but curious to know if this is normal on Ducatis , 1200s 2017 monster 1300 miles .
  2. My 2017 1200s has no movement at all. I wasn't aware they were rubber mounted. I'll check mine when I get home off night shift.
  3. Mine are not rubber mounted.
  4. Thanks for your reply , its going to the dealers in a few weeks for the brake recall and they are going to check it then , The rubber bushes are on mine that connect the bolts from handlebar clamp base to top of triple clamp, now you have me worried !
  5. No rubbers shown in manual.

  6. Part number 24 is a rubber bush on mine , this is getting interesting now , Thank you for taking the time to reply
  7. Sorry, I thought you meant yours was rubber mounted between the upper and lower clamp and your bars were rotating in the clamp. Have just rechecked mine and the lower clamp mount is mounted through rubber bushings. There is movement at the mount but minimal.
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