Featured Handmade Xmas Gift By Cj, Noodles Daughter Helping Charity..

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  1. Hi to one and all...

    With The very Reverend,
    EL Torros kind blessing..

    As I’m sure many are already aware like myself my luvly Daughter CJ battles depression everyday.. However, with her Artistic talent she likes nothing more than to think of those less fortunate than herself..

    CJ has made some fantastic Xmas Angels to look over those we care about at this, “ho ho ho”, festive time..


    For every one sold she donates a percentage to her Charity which is “ Make a wish”

    As I’m so proud of her efforts I’m backing her by also making a donation for every one she sells to my fave Charity’s .. Split between the NSPCC and The Bobby Moore cancer trust..


    So come on, make me poorer than I already am.. Get your family, Wife, friend, Kiddies, or luver one.... One for your DUCATI maybe?

    I’m desperately trying to make this DF relevant.. help me here please..

    Your support would be so muchly appreciated ..


    Hugs a many plenty.. CJXX&NOODSXX
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  2. Done my bit...........I'm sure you'll be totally skint in no time at all .. ;)
  3. What a luvly guy you are .. thank you muchly xx