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Featured 1199 Happy To Be Back

Discussion in 'Panigale' started by Scottb150, Nov 17, 2023.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just bought a 66 plate 1199R with just under 6K on the clock. It has been about 7 years since I sold my last Panigale and regretted selling it everyday. Still smile on my face again now.:p

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  2. Welcome back :) it's been a long time
  3. Thank you. Way too long!!
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  4. Nice way to get back in! :cool:
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  5. Welcome back
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  6. Nice mate, love the pani r.

    You got the race cans on it?
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  7. Lovely rare beast
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  8. Hi Cookster,

    Yes I believe they are, I haven't actually picked it up yet. I'm in the Middle East working and not home until 31st December. The wait is killing me!!: unamused:
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  9. Yeah I bet it is mate, they really are awesome bikes
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  10. Awesome bike!
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  11. Welcome back to the forum.:)
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  12. I can’t believe nobody has been along to call you out on describing the bike as being an 1199R!

    I seem to recall a thread or two where the virtues of the ‘Panigale R’ have been thoroughly discussed and that calling it an 1199R (an infinitely inferior model apparently) would get you lynched! :joy:

    I guess everyone has mellowed with age!
    (well with even greater age…….) ;)
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  13. Haha I will consider myself lucky to have not been chastised!!
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  14. I've just dropped mine at corner speed for @nelly to do his magic on, plus fit my race cans.
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  15. I have good things about Corner Speed mate, so I think I will travelling to take mine there too.

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  16. My v4 was there last week for a service and check over before going to andalusia. Wouldn't gi anywhere else, Neil fitted it In at very short notice, very much appreciated.
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  17. Yes he's very accommodating mate I had to drop mine off a week early and it was no problem for him.
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