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Has Anyone Ever Failed Mot For Termi's?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by RexDangerVest, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Asking for a friend...

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  2. Nope, do you have noise limits over there? We don't :yum
  3. No inspection at all here in GA

  4. Usually just an advisory .
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  5. What's the thread aboot then :eyes:
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  6. none in SD either
  7. There is no noise limit as such for the annual UK motorcycle MOT in terms of db limits. It is down to the tester's discression so while one may pass a certain exhaust system another may fail it & the third may just issue an "advisory".
    That is providing the exhaust cans or pipe do not have "NOT FOR ROAD USE", "RACE USE ONLY" or any similar wording stamped on them.
    If you have what you might think is a noisey exhaust you need to find a sympathetic tester.
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  8. Someone was wondering in another thread... I said I did not think so... then came here for proof

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  9. If you do have 'not for road us' or 'race only' you can I've been told tape over it...
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  10. You need to have a word with yourself!
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  11. Why??
  12. Don’t you do your own MOTs? (A.R.Cook - Motorcycle MOTs).
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  13. :motorcycleduc::thinkingface:..........................:eyes:
  14. Or the MOT tester is an asshole...
  15. Some MOT/dealer test bays are now loathe to stray beyond the line. Big fine if door stopped by them. (Inspectorate) I know the chances are slim but now lockdown is easing I bet some are chomping at the bit to get out and start checking.
  16. Never ever so far,same as per post #5.
  17. My MOT guy did that for me on my air-cooled monster but he's very sympathetic - he owns a 888, 916, RC45 etc etc
  18. advisory for noisy exhaust.
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